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AutoCAD Product Key is a powerful drafting tool for architectural and engineering professionals who design and build infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridges, buildings, and more. Its functions include traditional drafting and design tasks, and the program’s interoperability with external applications makes it extremely versatile for professional design and construction work.

AutoCAD has been available since 1982. Its first release was on DOS and had support for the AutoCAD Graphics Utility (AGU), which provided a text and graphics interface to the program, as well as the capability to run or load other third-party applications. A version of AutoCAD for the Macintosh was also released in 1984, and the iOS version was first released in June 2008.

While AutoCAD began as a standalone desktop program, the app has since been developed to include a web-based version as well. The mobile app, which features AutoCAD LT, is also available for free for non-commercial use.


The following steps show how to open AutoCAD for Windows, and how to perform a quick review of the AutoCAD interface and terminology to get up and running with the app.

The steps below are followed by the related topic shown in the side panel, as well as the link to the procedure in the Learn to use AutoCAD article.

Create a new drawing.

Select Create New Drawing from the main menu or from the Draw panel and choose Create New from the drop-down list. Click OK in the dialog box that opens, and enter the required information. If the template is not selected, then select Template from the template drop-down list and click OK. If you have a custom template selected, you can also select Import a custom template from the same drop-down list. This will import the custom template and default the drawing to the template.

Make sure that you click OK in the Import dialog that opens. If you do not, the dialog box will not appear. Click OK to dismiss it. You can also select the Use the default template from the default template drop-down list to use the default template to which you have previously been assigned.

Click OK in the Create New dialog box.

Draw the required features.

Select the Shapes panel on the left-hand side of the screen, and draw the required features. You can use the Draw panel on the right-hand side to draw the required features. The Shapes panel

AutoCAD 24.2 Product Key Full

AutoCAD Download With Full Crack was originally developed for the Apple Macintosh. Since then, it has been ported to many computer platforms and operating systems.

Its features include vector-based drawing capabilities, interactive design environments, a wide range of tools for the drafting, engineering, architectural, and land surveying professions, and the ability to analyze and present data. The technology also provides 3D model capabilities and a large library of drawing standards such as DXF (2D/3D), DWG (2D/3D), DGN (2D/3D), and PDF (2D/3D).

Starting in 2012, AutoCAD LT was released as a free-to-download Microsoft Windows version. It provides some of the functionality of AutoCAD, but does not include all of it.

An application named AutoCAD WS was developed for Windows XP and Vista. It is based on the AutoCAD Web Shelf product.

An application named AutoCAD XP was developed for Windows XP. It is based on the AutoCAD Web Shelf product. AutoCAD WS and AutoCAD XP have not been updated since 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Product history

AutoCAD History

V16.0 (1989)
First release of AutoCAD with only 2D capability.
V17.0 (1990)
Introduced Assembly, Drawing Library, Conditional Styles, 2D object visualization, DXF format, ACIS Linear and Logical reports.
V18.0 (1991)
Introduced assembly templates.
V18.1 (1991)
Introduced Quadra-guided drafting
Introduced component properties
V19.0 (1992)
Introduced online BIM functionality.
V20.0 (1993)
Introduced Z axis, camera tools, extended component properties, component properties view, and object properties view.
V20.1 (1994)
Introduced Conditional Styles support for AutoCAD.
V21.0 (1994)
Introduced AutoLISP.
V21.5 (1995)
Introduced tag fields, Assembly Guides, and tag shelf.
V21.6 (1995)
Introduced AutoSHARP
V22.0 (1995)
Introduced Ortho mode
V22.1 (1996)
Introduced Dbase support
V22.5 (1996)
Introduced finite element modeling support
V23.0 (1996)
Introduced JN7 Add-on

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Open Autodesk Autocad and navigate to the Map Project editor (MapProjectEditor).

Click Map Project Editor at the bottom.

Under Map Types click Map Types: Offshore-Base (MapType).

From the type category list on the left, select Seabed Conductivity (MapType).

Click OK.

Under Seabed Types click Seabed Types: Offshore-Base (SeabedType).

From the type category list on the left, select Offshore-Base (SeabedType).

Click OK.

Under the Scale tab, set the scale to 0.1 (Scale).

Under the Shape tab, draw a rectangle with shape properties of Rectangle (Shape).

Double-click the rectangle to open the Properties Editor and change the Property ID to MYOB_OFFSHORE (Property ID).

Click OK to close the Properties Editor.

Click OK to close the Map Project Editor.

Click Save and Close to close Autodesk Autocad.

Open Autodesk Autocad and navigate to the Modeling menu and select Create and then New.

In the Create New dialog, under Other, click Open.

In the Open dialog, navigate to and select Setup.

Click OK to close the Open dialog.

Under the Simulation and Parameters section, click Geometry.

In the Geometry section, select IS0 (Geometry).

Click OK.

Under the Material section, click Metals.

Under the Metals section, select HSO (Metals).

Click OK to close the Material dialog.

Click OK to close the Geometry dialog.

Click the World Surface Data button.

Click Open.

Under the Sunlight section, click Clear (Sunlight).

Under the Texture section, click Reflectivity (Sunlight).

Click the texture file named MYOB_TEXTURE_01 (text).

Click OK.

Click OK to close the World Surface Data dialog.

Click OK to close the Open dialog.

Click Close.

Click OK to close Autodesk Autocad.


For more information on U.S. mine maps, go to the United States Geological Survey website.

What’s New In?

AutoCAD can now import AutoCAD drawing objects into other AutoCAD drawings or other applications.

AutoCAD can now import or export (import) marks.

Dynamic annotations, points of interest, hotspots and other drawings features can be imported into or exported from AutoCAD.

Import data from other applications (e.g. Excel) and create graphs, tables or charts from the data.

Additional languages support for the drawing command-line interface.

New features for the XY-COORDINATES command:

A new option: VERTEXES

A new set of drawing commands that insert or edit lines, curves and surfaces with variable slope or tangent at a point.

A new option: SHAPE3D

User interface improvements to the CONNECT command.

Manipulate Geometric Texts:

Enable and disable the remaining text-representation methods.

Create text on shapes and text objects.

Text is displayed to indicate the current text representation mode.

Add text to drawings that have text objects.

Draw Freehand:

The ability to draw objects with text and image.

You can draw in both image and vector modes, and apply transforms to the objects.

Add text to drawings that have text objects.

Drawing “with a line.”

The line can be in any direction (which allows you to be creative).

Draw text in multiple locations.

Draw text in text at any angle.

Text can be rotated, scaled, and transformed.

Straight lines, spline curves and more with new drawing tools.

Directly insert (not export) drawn lines, polylines, splines, arcs and many more.

Edit drawing objects directly on your screen, and apply transforms and other drawing settings.

Break and combine object boundaries.

Copy, cut, move, rotate, scale, and reflect any object.

Paste drawing objects from clipboard.

Wrap, align and manipulate objects.

Freely rotate, scale, move, and resize any drawing object.

Reduce and increase the size of any object on your drawing.

Use drawings without restriction.

These improvements are available on Windows and Mac OS X.

More intelligent line drawing tools.

This feature will be included in future versions of AutoC

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