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This is another site of TorrentFreak that like many of them, is used for illegal downloading of software. The site provides features that you wouldn’t get with other sites like an iTunes type search box and a library feature. There’s also a good TorrentFreak forum as well.

TorrentFreak is another torrent site that is great for downloading software. It not only has a good search function but it also provides a library of a lot of software for you to use. A lot of people complain about the site’s problems with copyright but in my view it’s not as big as others.

Darkspot is another TorrentFreak site that many people use. It has the usual search function that you would expect and, you can download the latest movies on it as well. Like other sites, it is also very easy to download programs and games from here.

Uh oh! Is this the end of the free software world? If you thought this then you can put your fears to rest. The free software community, however, is alive and well. On this site, you can download all of the most popular freeware that you have ever wanted. They don’t have any legal restrictions which I can say for many other sites like get-freedom. The forums are also helpful and worth browsing through. is a host of cracked software for Windows. Its one of the best sites to download cracked software for free. You can download free games and apps with a crack to enjoy them on your Windows PC. Its easy to use and its easy to download cracked software which includes small, medium, and large size. The crack for Cd is available for download as well as cracking free software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. You can download a crack for cracked software for free on this website.

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