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The CardWare application was designed to be a total software solution for PC Cards that complies with the PC Card Standards. It is designed to effortlessly manage the complexity of plugging and unplugging the latest generation of PC Cards.


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Released in 2002. It was extended to support the latest generation of cards and is version 2.0 of its original version.

The installation process is pretty easy to do. On Windows 7, just launch the “updater” (by selecting updater, then double click on updater.exe) and follow the instructions. On Windows XP, you can download the file from and extract it in the correct folder.

What is New in CardWare 2.0

The major difference in CardWare 2.0 is the addition of a drivers manager. It is a very simple application that will install the drivers for the PC Card you have plugged into your computer.

However, let us see how it works.

1. Click on Add card to start the process.

2. In the fields shown here, enter the following data:

– PC Card: [Type of Card][PC Card Serial Number][PC Card Id]
– Manufacturer: [.com. etc].
– Manufacturer Id: [Manufacturer Id, usually a three digit number][Manufacturer Code]
– Model: [Model Name][Description].
– Model Id: [Model Id, usually two or four digits].
– Device: [Type of Device], [Manufacturer], [Model].
– Device Id: [Type of Device][Manufacturer Id] or [ID].

3. Click OK.

4. Click on Get updated drivers.

5. Navigate to the location where you saved the install file (Downloads by default) and double click on the file.

6. Click on Install now.

If you have a CWDM (Copper Wire Direct Memory) PC Card, you have to accept the following:

– A new location for the DSP (PC Card Program) is required. Go to the tools menu (right mouse button).

– Use a new location.

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Open, install, and run on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows ME.

CardWare will:

Easily add, remove, and manage PC Card supported devices.

Automatically provide the latest version of supported devices.

Automatically create setup and uninstall files for device drivers.

Enable you to make the PC Card ready for use.

Prove that the PC Card is certified and supports new generation PC Cards.

Manage PC Card driver updates.

Open, install, and run on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows ME.

CardWare Features:

Support for all PC Card Plug and Play Devices. CardWare provides users with an extremely wide range of industry leading hardware devices that are guaranteed to be compatible with their PC Card.
Support for 100% Microsoft Windows XP supported PC Cards including: Quick Slot, e-Stick, WLAN Card, SCC, CB, and Memory Card. CardWare supports the latest generation of PC Cards including WLAN and Bluetooth; as well as all prior devices.
Easily download or update PC Card Drivers.
Easily create setup and uninstall files for CardWare itself.
When you update your driver software for PC Cards, CardWare will automatically update all of the drivers supported by that particular PC Card model.
CardWare can restore the default settings of a PC Card’s default Settings.xml file.
CardWare can be used for PC Cards of the SD/MMC Card type.
CardWare is professional software that fully complies with the PC Card Standards.

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CardWare Crack + Activation Code For Windows

CardWare supports the latest generation of PC Cards. It provides an easy to use GUI, allowing the user to plug/unplug their PC Card without using special knowledge. By using CardWare, anyone can easily create a PC Card, assign it an IP address and connect it to a network interface such as a WiFi access point.

CardWare Features:

To support most of the cards, CardWare provides an “extended set of plugging and unplugging commands”.

To create a new PC Card:

Adds the correct Hardware Interface, IP address, and Network Interface.

To manage an existing PC Card:

Adds the correct IP address and Location.

To insert/remove a PC Card:

Shows the status of a PC Card, if it is a valid PC Card.


The Intel® Add-on Card is supported by Windows 7.
It is not possible to directly plug the card in to a computer.
You’ll need a driver which can be installed on the computer and then you’ll have some administrative features.
You will likely need to add a network interface card and then install a network adapter driver.


I have had success using the HP Mini Adapter from on a Windows 7 laptop. However, I had to connect it to the motherboard before it would detect. Once it did, it would automatically assign an IP. I found it very easy to use. You can configure the card pretty much like a network interface, so you can find an IP, configure a subnet, etc.

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What’s New In?

The CardWare application comes with every USBtoPC Card-USB Adapter. CardWare is a data management suite, enabling the user to view and delete all data stored on the PC Card. CardWare contains an embedded FAT file system and a built-in file browser for viewing the stored data. It also provides access to the data stored on the device through a text editor, a text viewer, and a pager.
CardWare Features:
CardWare Features include:

•  Full data management capability.

•  Device association features.

•  Charge the PC Card

•  Anyware hotplug capabilities.

•  USB to PC Card-USB Adaptor independent.

•  Data masking and clearing.

•  Free up PC Card.

•  Fast Card and USB insertion.

•  Cardware Help.

•  Full power management.


Read the User Guide found in the zipfile.


•  Auto detection of support for AutoClear and AutoPower Off.

•  Fully customizable power levels and Auto-off interval.


Read the User Guide found in the zipfile.


Version *


System Requirements:

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