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deskspace is a neat application that brings a fresh meaning to the idea of organizing your time and work harmoniously. It manages to balance both serious matter and interesting, funny ideas. These are the true elements that turn one’s day from bad to better or from good to great. It’s simply a great experience to play with this app and definitely a good choice if looking to download an app that will allow you to increase productivity.
What makes deskspace stand out from the crowd:
Do you ever feel like your time is being wasted? Well, not necessarily, but if you answered yes, I think you might want to try out deskspace. As already mentioned, this app is a combination of an organizer, a time-management, and an app for Feng shui. It seems like the idea behind it is to bring together various aspects of your life into one place so that you can make your life more fun, happy, and even more in control of yourself.
After installing it, you need to create an account. The free version will allow you to set up four different reminders, create a list of daily tasks, and assign personalized color to each of them. You can also choose between 32 color themes and also add an alarm to each one.
The app can be used to download tasks directly from your to-do list, but you also have an option to export its information as a text file. A document can then be opened to add it to your notes. Every time you create a task, you can give it a name and select the color. You can sync the task list to your desktop app for further editing. You can also turn on/off each task manually.
The desktop app has a broad range of features that allow you to modify things such as dates, times, and settings. You can also set the new task as private. It also has a large range of compatible file types, and you can customize the order in which they appear when adding or editing tasks.
The program also comes with a huge number of search capabilities. You can use the built-in search functionality to find files, keep track of tasks, and even a stock market. You can use the built-in database, import a database, or use a file folder. Everything seems to be very intuitive, and the app gives you the freedom of using your own vocabulary as well as its own domain-based language.
What we think:
Overall, this application is highly customizable, and you can use your own words to

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The workspace is a program specifically designed for Mac users who want to make their desktop more organized. It has the following main features:
• 1. Create a personal tree and organize it into different areas.
• 2. Save the tree in the OneNote Notebook.
• 3. Make a smooth transition to your web browser.
• 4. Store information about your everyday affairs in the different areas of the tree.
• 5. Organize a group of family members and use the tree to help you communicate with them.
• 6. Automatically determine the tree for you each day and help you handle important things.
• 7. Customize the tree with your own photos, illustrations and sounds.
• 8. Create special notes about your tree.
• 9. Make your tree available to everyone in your family.
There are three packages of workspaces. You can get one, three or three years of the support from the company.


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The Best – Apart from Cydia. Staff05/04/2012

If this were a review of an OS X app we’d definitely give it a highly recommended rating. However, having heard nothing but praise for deskspace from iPhone and Mac users, we figured we should probably actually try the app out ourselves. Maybe we were just afraid we’d hate it as much as everyone else did.
The reason we decided to give it a whirl was because of an article we read about how Macs are clogging up the network — leading to slow load times and high data traffic — for iPads. As someone who loves using the iPad as a netbook replacement, we knew we needed a simple solution to that issue. As it turns out, deskspace is just that.
In a word, it’s fantastic. Yes, in its basic form, it’s the same “simple workspace organizer” thing that everyone else is doing, but as of right now, the app features a variety of themes that will help to properly personalize your desk to your liking. The experience is so smooth it feels like it was done with the GUI of iPhoto. It gives you a timer that will randomly vibrate each time you hit a button (so you don’t forget to get your chores done), it will create and manage folders for you, and most importantly for us, it will manage your reminders, contacts and calendar like nothing else on the market

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Deskspace, an application designed to keep you organized and focused on what is important to you.A powerful tool to free you from the “stress” that often comes with everyday life.This program will help you stop procrastinating and get out of a rut of a boring and rigid daily routine.

The basics
The program will take a look at your daily habits, analyze them and create a daily schedule for you. What to do each day will be shown as a box that is set on your desktop.

Just imagine, you are already used to writing those things on your calendar, now it’s time to just go through the same thing only in your desk and will not waste an extra minute of your daily work.

A personal assistant
Deskspace will be with you every step of the way, keeping track of all the important stuff that takes your attention on a daily basis.

Each day you can create your tasks in the daily schedule. You will also find a reminder box to remind you each morning about what needs to be done that day.

Sound is not the only way to reach your goals
When your have completed all your goals you will be able to listen to the birds singing, the wind or the rain.

Sounds of nature are what you need to drown out all other distractions and bring you back to focus on what is important.

Deskspace in a nutshell

✓ Daily Calendar with a daily reminder box✓ Powerful reminder system✓ List of to-do-today✓ Variety of ambient sounds✓ Ability to turn off sounds and music✓ Intuitive interface✓ Shortcuts to your most-used apps✓ Multiple theme options (dark/light, spring/fall, classic/modern)

Features:- You can create a new Daily Schedule at any time- You can also change or delete the existing schedules- There is a brand new App menu with a lot of options- The keyboard shortcuts can be reassigned by using the “change” feature- The task management is based on the active list- You can disable or enable the reminders with one click- When you mark a task as completed, it will stay green and will disappear if you mark it as active again

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What’s New In Deskspace?

deskspace is an app that offers so much information about personal life and the tasks you do. What would be a feature in a calendar or agenda app? Who can afford to have one of those, right? Not in this case. deskspace offers a refreshing and interesting way to help you organize your time and keep track of your duties. Most apps seem to focus on work, leaving personal life a mystery. Some have a stand-alone application for personal life (e.g. ToDoList, Agenda), but deskspace takes the opposite approach. It brings a humorous character to help you focus on the time you spend at home. No matter how hard you try, you will often find yourself reading a book, making dinner, or just relaxing in front of the TV while someone is bumping into you in the kitchen. You might not even notice, but you’re not getting a single moment to do anything for yourself. This is a place where you can’t be interrupted, no phone can reach, and all your work is in front of you on your PC.
What this means is you can be productive and nothing can disturb your progress, even if you happen to be having fun. You can add reminders and reminders to do lists and you can modify a couple of settings, but the purpose of the app is to help you organize your tasks (and a few personal items) and keep track of your time. You have the choice between using a traditional time scheduler, a todo list, or a music player. Fortunately, desk space has all three. While these basics work fine, the application has plenty of great features that make for an elegant and fun to use application.
The program’s interface is easy to understand and well thought out. When opening it, you’ll have some preliminary options, like helping it to remember your last profile, setting it as your default start-up, and using it in a full screen mode. So much is achieved through the arrows, buttons, and tabs. They help you access the time scheduler (by default, you have 8 hours/8 minutes), the todo list, and the music player. The latter offers a lot of options. You can import your own music or search the web to find the best songs. The preferences are neatly placed in a box that shows each of its features. Sadly, you can’t adjust the volume. An option to use themes would have been nice, but you can always have a look at the graphics and choose one that would add character to

System Requirements:

This is a PC-only mod. It’s not for consoles.
We are still in the early stages of development, but we are currently planning on 1.0 around the end of this year.
This mod may require updates in the future.
In the Modding world we use the following abbreviations:
AI/Auto-Pawn: automatic player pawns
Auto-Buy: automatic purchasing of equipment and upgrades
Save Scumming: the auto-save feature that makes sure you don’t have to manually save