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Tarnished by the curse of the Gemstone, the Elden Ring, which holds the power of the greatest strength in the Lands Between, was lost.
There are rumors that the new power lies in the West, and the player will become a wandering adventurer to search for it.
Along the way, they will face a vast world full of excitement, countless numbers of unique monsters, and a mysterious story that will surely captivate you!

The Elden Ring Game Features:
– 8 life skills, such as attacking, raising stat, and magic
– Unique online multiplayer with asynchronous communication
– More than 300 unique monsters
– The Lands Between, where the legend of the ring is unfolding, and the west with its mystery


All pre-registration accounts will receive an in-game token.
We do not exchange the in-game token for real money.


[1] Play the game and complete one time-limited event and you will receive one in-game token at login.

[2] Play the game on a daily basis and accumulate a certain number of points for two weeks continuously to receive a “Daily Play” token.

[3] Play for a certain amount of time each day and accumulate a certain amount of points to receive a “Active Hours” token.

Please note that the number of tokens received is different from the number of play points.


[1] Clear game progress, such as defeating monsters and collecting items, by completing the required number of points.

[2] Clear the game progress, such as defeating monsters and collecting items, by completing the required number of “Active Hours”.


Please visit for more information.

Thank you!


About Nexon

Nexon Co., Ltd. is a global publisher and developer of free-to-play PC games, based in Korea. Established in 1999, Nexon has grown to become one of the world’s leading independent game developers and leading online game companies. Nexon has a global network of studios in Korea, China, and the United States, with more than 9,000 employees and continues to expand its development teams and operations.


Features Key:

  • A vast world with a diverse array of multilayered quests to experience
  • A high degree of freedom in developing your character to face endless challenges
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay to explore this vast world
  • Play video to see it in action: >

    The restored and updated classic game developed by Silver Icon Entertainment is back! A fantastic fantasy game that lets you explore a vast world with limitless possibilities and experience over 400 hours of fun! You can be free and write your own adventures!

    Brought to you by:

    Silver Icon Entertainment: A developer team that has worked on various action games for Sony, Xbox, and other studios including Sonys, Texas Instruments, and other prominent studios.
    Silver Icon Entertainment relaunched themselves as Silver Icon in 2014, a games company with a strong commitment to a high level of quality, completely remastered and updated games, and an action RPG for a new generation of gamers.

    Lineage Project: A development team from Korea that has been working on a number of action RPGs, including Lineage 2.
    A 1-year old studio, Lineage Project is an independent studio which opened in 2013, striving to create high quality 3D action RPGs.


    LINEAGE PROJECT is a unique 1-year old studio, in which we are interested in expanding its activities on producing not only games for the new generation, but also on creating well-balanced, carefully polished titles that evoke old days. We are also interested in improving our support towards the veteran players. We are aiming to form a strong team spirit among the staffs who will work hard and make a positive contribution to the entire games industry.



    Elden Ring Crack + PC/Windows [Latest]

    In an era when games stood out on their own, RPG’s were a genre that was reserved for the incredible and timeless. Whether or not one agrees with that, these games were always engrained with the heavy themes and epic stories you couldn’t find elsewhere. The Elder Scrolls series started out that way, but the fact that the developer’s desire to create a more action oriented game meant the series died a bit, is a shame.

    I’ve always felt that a reboot was necessary for the series, something to bring back the original essence. That may be a bit extreme, but more modern action RPG’s don’t quite have the ambiance of the Elder Scrolls, nor the heavy atmosphere of the Paper Mario series, or the immense story of Chrono Trigger. We’ve seen some modern action RPGs with this kind of atmosphere, like the Battle Chasers series, but for the most part, it’s not being done as well.

    That being said, I’m very pleased with what A Realm Reborn is bringing with it. The story is much the same as the original game, but the gameplay has received a heavy contemporary reboot. You’re a person who was “born” in an empty world, called the Elder Scrolls Online in “Broken” (letting the player in on all the previous related technology), who is guided by grace, a connection to the Aldmeri Dominion. And after this act of creation, a kingdom called the Aldmeri Dominion arises in the Lands Between (now let’s get to the good stuff).

    The Lands Between are a large swathe of land with a variety of biomes, a large number of quests that range in difficulty, and beautifully designed dungeons with many secrets to find. You’re free to explore on your own or with friends, and the world is split into different regions you can travel to.

    For example, there’s Elsweyr, a large region packed with action combat and a wide variety of quests. There’s also Morrowind, a large city which will feature a completely different style of combat. That’s just one region though, and there are 6 more, which I’ll go into more detail below.

    Combat is where it started with the original Elder Scrolls, and the action is both simplified and expanded. On a personal level, I’ve always found


    Elden Ring Activation Code Free Download

    ▪ 4 adventure maps for you to choose from

    ▪ Lost Castle Dungeon – An unusually complex dungeon with a three-dimensional design

    ▪ Magic Shop ~ Abyss & Arcana ~

    ▪ Breath-taking Warriors Tower

    ▪ Find Dungeons and Discover Battles!

    ▪ And More!

    Action RPG: Tarnished Gameplay:

    ▪ 4 unique Action Skill for you to choose

    ▪ Weapons that each have their own play style

    ▪ Evolve your character and make them more powerful

    ▪ Challenge your Friends’ Characters Online

    In addition to action game elements such as high-definition graphics, gorgeous animation, and smooth online play, the game also includes numerous special effects, such as changing animations during battles based on changes in your character’s situation.

    The game features a multilayered story told in fragments, with the various thoughts of characters intersecting in the Lands Between.

    Enjoy the thrilling story and prepare yourself for the ultimate action!!

    Online play is a MUST in the new fantasy RPG!

    Action Game elements such as combat system.

    Action RPG elements such as Command Moves.

    ∙ Extraordinary action RPG elements.

    Combat mode is based on the “Action RPG System,” which will be familiar to players of the classic Dungeon Hunter series.
    In addition to the action game elements such as real-time PvP battle, the game also includes various unique effects such as Battle Totem and Action Skill.
    The game’s “Action RPG System” will be familiar to longtime fans of the Dungeon Hunter series and will offer an experience where your own actions directly affect the situation.
    Command Moves are command shortcuts that will be familiar to fans of the classic RPG.

    Action game elements such as Command Moves.

    ∙ Battle Bosses!

    ▪ An incredibly huge number of Dungeon Monsters

    ▪ Various types of Dungeon Bosses

    ▪ Battle Excitement Never Ends!

    ▪ Leader Battles!

    ▪ Mount Up! For those who have been waiting for a Dungeon Hunter game!

    ▪ Fight alongside other players and take on dungeon bosses together.

    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    … [click here for more]

    Welcome to the second installment of DLD’s Out of the Mists Series!
    In the first installment of this series, you explored the setting of Falenor with talk of demons, magic, politics, and disease. Now, I’m eager to introduce you to the dark fantasy world of Canth and its dark secrets!
    Canth is one of the three kingdoms formed from the Wesphal Royal Lineage. It is a kingdom located in the Lands Between, a world that is separated from the Lands Above. The Nechron, a legion of creatures formed from the dark dragons, live in this world, and they surround the palace of the ruler, the Wei… [click here for more]

    Welcome to the first part of DLD’s Out of the Mists! At last, the fantasy setting Falenor!
    In part 1 of this series we’ll talk about the innate design of Falenor and its surrounding lands, show you the background of the Falenor Empire, and introduce you to Falenor’s largest city. All that’s left, is to dig deeper and get to know Falenor’s people and the rest of the Lands Between!
    In a land fraught with demons and undead, kings fight for power over the land.
    This is Falenor, the world the L… [click here for more]

    Welcome to our new series: Out of the Mists
    This one features the world of Falenor! First we’ll address the setting, then move on to introducing Falenor’s people and the rest of the Lands Between! By the end of this series, you’ll know: What Falenor is, how it developed, it’s always-changing politics, people, and the dangers of the Lands Between.
    This is Falenor, the world the Lander Elspeth recently woke up to. It took the combined efforts of an Enlightened Council, the Falenor Dragons, the Nobles, and Humans to create a collection of dozens of annal… [click here for more]

    Welcome to the second part of Out of the Mists, our four-part series! This installment focuses on the Lands Between and introduces you to Falcon’s people, the ancient race.
    This is Falcon, the world the Lander Elspeth recently awoke to. This is the second


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar File.
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    Recommended specifications:
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 3.4 GHz


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