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The Amulet of Tarnished is a unique RPG that launched on September 16, 2016. The story of The Amulet of Tarnished is set in a fantasy world in which an ‘Elden Ring Cracked Version’ was first forged by an elf. In the modern era, the object is passed down from one of the descendants of the elf-like race who possess the strength to wield it to the current generation, and then the object has returned to the lands between the Land of Light and the Land of Darkness.

Players can take on the role of a young man who wakes up from the coma caused by the destruction of the Elden Ring Activation Code. Awakening to the present, he must go to the mysterious lands between and meet the various characters to be guided by the remarkable power of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version.


Among the many different monsters that reside in the Lands Between, you will encounter many different types. Among them, you will encounter a series of enemies that require your utmost attention, such as an incredibly menacing agronaut and ‘distant’ monsters.

Each of the players that earn the highest score when they defeat the monster they encountered will receive a key item that allows them to defeat even bigger monsters.

Players can freely choose the type of attack or defense and it is possible to actively analyze which attack will suit each monster’s special abilities and weaknesses.

In addition to the story quests to fight various monsters, the game also features in-depth minigames such as a training area to improve combat abilities as well as a ‘Synergist’ minigame to look for the proper companions for your party.

Players will have a beautiful RPG filled with adventure and suspense.


◆ A True Role-Playing Game

– Freely explore a vast and challenging world. You can freely move around an expansive open world as you progress the story while fighting monsters.
– A Variety of Monsters that Never Disappoint
A large number of monsters that range from the highest level of difficulty to a relatively easy and weak variety reside in the land.
– Intense Battles with a Unique Action System
You can freely choose the type of attack or defense and it is possible to actively analyze which attack will suit each


Features Key:

  • Open World – Explore an open world that seamlessly connects various dungeons.
  • Player Co-op Raid – A breathtaking co-op raid using the members of your party that you encounter during the Adventure Missions.
  • Multiple Characters – Unlike conventional RPGs, you can freely create your own character and level up.
  • Unique Urban Environment – Based on the ancient ruins of the Elden Ring, the game takes full advantage of the graphics of the PS Vita in order to provide a unique setting.
  • Play as You Please – You can freely embark upon the development of your own character, from when you first obtain your powers to when you use your weapons in battle.
  • Heroic Dungeon Design – In addition to offering a variety of difficulties, a variety of tasks are available, such as navigation, escort missions, and boss battles. Experiences beyond your imagination await you!
  • Support for Vita Remote Play – Remote Play lets you enjoy the game on the PS Vita system and PlayStation TV with a single-board TV set-top unit.
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    Elden Ring Crack + Full Version Free PC/Windows

    ・”The atmosphere is rich in detail, and we are very satisfied with the quality and the size of the content.” (90 out of 100)

    ・”The game lacks nothing in game design, and there is a lot to enjoy.” (85 out of 100)

    ・”The graphics are different, and are well drawn.” (93 out of 100)

    ・”The story line is very attractive and stands out, and it is smoothly told.” (90 out of 100)

    ・”In addition, there are side quests to be managed, and the role of the player in this RPG game is very important.” (96 out of 100)


    ・ “It is possible to enjoy the game with other players, and this is a very important feature of the game.” (85 out of 100)

    ・ “The company behind the production made a good effort, considering the past experience of Japanese media.” (90 out of 100)

    ・ “You can enjoy the game, even if you’re not interested in RPGs.” (94 out of 100)

    ・ “Character design is different to what we have seen.” (94 out of 100)

    ・ “The change of the hero after leveling-up adds a nice element to the game.” (90 out of 100)

    ・ “The map is very large, and there are many monsters to fight.” (85 out of 100)


    ・”It is a great RPG game, but it is difficult to enjoy the game if you do not know which is the next stage.” (77 out of 100)

    ・”A somewhat difficult RPG game, but a great story.” (80 out of 100)

    ・”It is a unique RPG game in which you can feel the presence of others.” (87 out of 100)

    ・”The atmosphere is beautiful, and you can really enjoy the game.” (86 out of 100)

    ・”It is a very difficult RPG game that really requires your cooperation.” (85 out of 100)

    ・”The story is very interesting, even if you do not enjoy RPGs.” (84 out of 100)

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord


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    Discover the world of the Lands Between, which has been long neglected as an archipelago of small islands separated by a deep sea. The Island of Tarnished has for years been suffering from a curse of ancient evil. This is where the story of an oni girl named Kenka begins. She was born in the village of Calpheon. After the death of her parents, Kenka was brought up as an orphan. One day she met a monk named Karin Taro. He told her the tale of the Lands Between. He said that the ruins of an ancient civilization were located in the area. In addition to the above, he also told her that the land was part of a compacted continent once ruled by the great ruler Elden. That is why the Lands Between were left as an archipelago of small islands.
    Experience the epic fantasy drama of a single girl.
    Control a mighty oni warrior and uncover the mystery of the Lands Between.
    Enjoy the fully 3D graphics.
    (English Translated and localized by unknown translators.)As of Saturday, April 12, 2020, we are open to accept your reviews.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Open World RPG​Mon, 17 Apr 2016 04:17:30 +0000Upload: Wrethth Bandage / {{WTF are those emails you keep sending me? There’s no words (phrases) allowing to search, I have to print]


    WOW! Got Wrethth Bandage’s wonderful art book, it looks so good! and he’s one of my fave artists. I see and share his illustrations/art/art book on my stream regularly! It’s just amazing! I was very surprised to get that email from him.

    Bandage has also an interesting art piece on a new game he’s developing, on His own website.

    WTF are those emails you keep sending me? There’s no words (phrases) allowing to search, I have to print
    17 Apr 2016 03:54:18 +0000Now that youre listening to my synopsis of Rival Schools Alliance (or RISA), I can say that I am very happy with my decision to make a Bigger Quest that at first glance seams as sort of a JRPG. Which is it what you want? Tap the circle on its bottom-right to understand like has done RISA on the screen.

    First step: A problem?

    I’ll start talking. Tell me everything you dont


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    How To Crack:

  • First Step: Install Keepass
  • Second Step: Launch Keepass right-click game icon and “Open Config”
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or higher
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9.0
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
    Memory: 2 GB RAM