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Download NowDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Welcome to the Lands Between. You are a new character whose life has fallen apart, as a result of doing something you regretted, and as a result of that you have been driven out of your home. Now you have no other choice but to enter a labyrinth, the “Great Dark Dungeon,” and head to the “Lands Between”, a place which lies between life and death. The Lands Between is a place that lies in darkness and where the dead are entombed.
During the journey to the Lands Between, you encounter people who are searching for something with you. On your journey, you will pass on. If you can navigate and fulfill the requests from these people, you will be able to clear obstacles and acquire new weapons. As you progress, your skills in this dark labyrinth will increase, and you will be able to fight against various enemies along the way. As a result of gaining experience points, your skills will increase and you can learn new skills and acquire new weapons and armor.
The Lands Between is a dark labyrinth which lies in the spaces between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This is a quest in which the destiny of the protagonist changes according to his or her choices as a result of the protagonist’s actions in the light and darkness of the Lands Between.
In the future of the Lands Between, there will be countless times in which the future of the world will be decided. It is up to you whether the fate of the world will be favorable or unfavorable.


▶ A Large and Various World
A land completely different from the world of the living! A vast world with diverse environments featuring breath-taking scenes.
▶ Many Craftable Objects
As you explore and gain experience points, you can craft powerful weapons and armor by combining different types of craft materials.
▶ A Multilayered Drama
In the Lands Between, a traveler meets various people who share their thoughts. Your choices will lead to your own story, and many events will take place.
▶ Battle in real time
You’ll be encountering enemies in real time while in combat. Accomplish tasks as quickly as possible.
▶ Advanced Action and Skill System
The action system in this game is rich in depth and much more complex than in most other games.
▶ Innovative Online Multiplayer
Connect your PC to a variety of devices with an advanced network function.
▶ Support for various browsers


Features Key:

  • New ‘Clean’ Ranking System
  • New Leveling System
  • Numerous New Gear and Effects
  • New Personality
  • New Monster System
  • Over 30 New Enemies and Battlefields
  • New Mission System
  • Tearful Sea in the Content Preview

    Indeed, the sea rushes towards the coast at a breaking pace… If the storm persists, is the land going to follow the coast to collapse and disappear?

    An RPG experience with a personal touch touched with character development.

    Huge Boss Monsters

    • Various Boss Monsters Battle in Your Party
    • Big Boss Monsters Jumping from the Sea Shore
    • 4 Unique Endless Dungeon

    Free Travel between Various Locations

    • The Great Frontier, On a Holistic Journey
    • Explore a World Full of New and High-Tier Monsters

    Free Creating avatars

    • Create avatars to make the most of your sleeves

    The Elden Ring and Meteor

    • Bounty on the Elden Ring
    • Monomoring
    • Elegant Skill and Weapon Types
    • Battle with an Invincible Army
    • The True Demon of Gem Rampage on the Road to the Upper World

    New Equipment Variety

    • Learn the Weapons of the Galvanic Dragon
    • Learn the Spirits of the Elden Ring

    Let’s Rumble in the Shop Shop

    • Gear and more with a variety of prices and effects
    • <


      Elden Ring [Updated-2022]


      “It’s great to see a lot of familiar faces and monsters pop up, as well as a rather humdrum story that still manages to be quite enjoyable.”

      Pocket Gamer

      “With its charming style and unique take on the world of fantasy adventure, Elden Ring’s enough to merit a spot in your library.”

      Moby Games

      “The mechanics are simple, the world is open, the characters are well designed, and the story is compelling.”


      “Elden Ring proves [that] freedom and tactics are just as fun as casting spells and smashing skeletons.”


      “The graphics are beautiful, but your character can be a bit bland.”


      “It’s a refreshing new take on the fighting genre, where being a bored-looking tank isn’t the worst thing.”

      Android Authority


      Elden Ring GameArt Walkthrough Elden Ring GameArt Walkthrough describes in detail the fascinating world of Elden Ring and guides players through game details and features. WATCH:


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      Elden Ring With Product Key


      The PROLOGUE mini game will appear before you when you run the game on the first time.

      Play as an adventurer and form a party to battle against monsters in various biomes. You will be able to party up with other adventurers when you meet them.

      Create your own party and assemble an army to battle against a variety of enemies. When there are too many enemies, form a party and form a group to take on them together.

      Equip your party and fight your enemies with skill, tactics, and the divine power of your Elden Ring.

      Multiplayer Co-op game:

      Co-op game mode is selected by the start screen, and creates a party with a maximum of two players.

      You can battle and fight cooperatively with another player via a friend code.

      When entering a session with an unexpected condition, you can also battle cooperatively with another player via a friend code.

      When you restart a co-op session, you can also select with another player via a friend code.

      Co-op battle are selected by the switch on the start screen, and forms a party with a maximum of two players.

      To get new friends, invite your friends to the party.

      To create new parties, invite a friend to the party.

      You can also select a co-op battle from the party settings.

      Normal mode battle

      Multiplayer PvP battle

      PvP battle will be selected by the start screen.

      Players can PvP anytime, but you can also select PvP battles from the party settings.

      In addition, after the first login, players can select PvP battles from the party settings.

      Next, select the “Give this party” option and give this party the item for the provision of the provision of xp. The xp will be given to all of your party.

      Find the highest amount of players in the same party to form a battle party.

      In addition, you can search for players to form a battle party from the party settings.


      You cannot link multiplayer parties in the same world

      The status of player’s equipment and items cannot be changed

      You cannot select a co-op battle

      You cannot select PvP battle when there is no balance

      Multiplayer battle rewards

      When you win a battle, you will receive a battle reward that will be added to your skill level.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      This next flight provides fantastic visuals of Star Wars
      Battlefront™, and introduces an action game that inspired the fan
      outcry for Star Wars: Battlefront™.
      Enjoy 30 new maps including 6 Star Wars Battlefront™ special maps from
      the Star Wars Battlefront™ community.

      New map:

      Click image for hi-res

      Ashes of the Singularity (+1 in the HO version only)

      Release date: 04/27/2016

      Publisher: Stardock

      Developer: Stardock

      Genre: FPS

      Reviewed on: PC


      Weddings are only to be celebrated for one day. After, on the anniversary, life closes slowly in on you, and you are stretched up on to the very edge of time. The rest of your friends were glad to be able to hold onto their memories and anticipation, but you were able to feel the end coming, a mighty one. And thus, you think of the one that got away. That nightmare. Feeling your heart grow colder and colder, and trying to hold things together to not fall.

      But then, what you did was start your own military campaign, even before the first anniversary. And it seemed to be able to crush your nightmares right in their grave. But when you looked at the means necessary, you found it was not that bad. And so you started to push it further, searching your lost partner for clues about the nightmares. You never quite managed to find any clues, but a lot of noise was created in the union and on your side, and now your allies knew you were out to find a weapon that could make their nightmares disappear. And you created your own military campaign with the help of that one mercenary you met. A friend you barely ever saw was going to be able to help you hunt down the nightmares, but only if you helped him with his battle. You spoke to him about that one time you had seen him, and how you would like to see him again, and how it would be interesting to see your dream about the one you loved back.

      And, then, you finally found the weapon you wanted. What would you do with it? And what did he want you to do with it?

      Release date: 04/27/


      Download Elden Ring 2022

      First, there is required client crack:

      crack ELDEN RING client

      then press start installation :

      Follow the instruction and finish installation.

      Now copy all rar file from rar to STEAM/install folder. (This Steam folder is located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common)

      Copy all data in STEAM/install (This is “elden-ring.exe”, “elden-ring.ini”, “elden-ring.pak” and “elden-ring.pdb” in this case)

      Start Steam

      Right click “elden-ring.exe” and select properties then click on the “compatibility” tab.

      Now, under “Windows XP (or 2000) and Windows ME compatibility” allow to run this program in compatibility mode.

      At the bottom of the compatibility tab select “Enable program to run in compatibility mode for:”

      Hacking this game is not as difficult as some of those other cheap games. This is actually one of those games where it is easier to simply buy the game instead of hacking it. However, you still could do it as this is a free game and I know many people who like how this game looks and play style. It is pretty easy to get around the save protection and get unlimited saves in this game. The game does not glitch when you hit the attack/damaging/summoning button but whatever you do while you are in battle the game will take a long time to recover. Once you are finished don’t worry about your character being logged out/dead and you can start as a new character and the game will show you the steps you have to follow and most likely you will gain save files again.

      Now please understand this is a free version and there is a very minimal amount of save protection when you first start the game. I know with this version of the game you lose some of the time during training/level up/battle as you can only select one of those for one character but the other side is you can save your game after every battle.

      Normally I would not recommend this game for a hack as this version of the game does not have anything connected to it. It is nice for an easier task as I have no access to this game or the developer. Also the man hours are much lower in this version to even bother hacking it. Just as


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • so first extract the rar (if you don’t know how extract files please read this article: ),
    • now after you are extracted the NFO.txt file then extract its zip file named
    • once you are extracted the folder with crack give me if you have done that encounter malady.exe I mean the setup file run it and allow it to install cracked version of the game the game is now ready to be cracked.

    These are the steps which I follow to crack the game.

    Features of Elden Ring:

    1. Fast world

    The game has large open fields which you can explore, as well as randomly generated dungeons containing rich and complex background.

    2. Great sound design

    A wide variety of ambient sound effects let you hear the excitement of the battles with a frequency and in a variety of spaces.

    3. Great Gameplay :

    Plan your strategies with your party in mind.

    Explore the world to accumulate quests and upgrade your equipment.

    4. Elden Ring is a Fantasy game made of the following elements:

    • Online PvP and GvG : There are numerous online battles for multiplayer and GvG battles.
    • Multiplayer : It is possible to randomly connect and play with other players.
    • Single player : You can play online or against other players with the classic single player mechanics.


    System Requirements:

    Windows XP Home or Professional;

    Intel Pentium II Processor 400MHz or higher;
    256MB RAM;
    50MB Hard Disk space;
    Microsoft DirectX 9.0.
    Hardware Requirements:
    Intel® Pentium® II Processor 400MHz or higher;
    1GB RAM;
    1GB Hard Disk space.
    Mouse support;
    Screen resolution 640×480
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