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The Elden Ring online game, coming to you soon, is the next generation fantasy online game that casts you in the role of an Elden Lord and a master of the power of the Elden Ring.

C:2010 Game Information
Localization development / management / certification
A production company (C:2010 Japan, Inc.)
Director / Producers: Toshihiro Kimura, Shunsuke Kubota
Main Characteristic
The theme of the game is the “Lands Between”, a realm of the gods where it is said that the dead live. The story will unfold in an amazing world that awaits you in an undiscovered world in the story where the player appears as an NPC.

C:2010 Character of Characters

Hiaslam Garugen
Consistent with the vast emptiness of the Lands Between, the spirited and powerful young man of Eirtha has decided to live alone and wander freely. He is sometimes cruel and brutal, and sometimes filled with bloodthirsty ambition. Sometimes, he is gentle and respectful, and sometimes he acts like an arrogant young man. But, despite such a broken heart, he is steadfast.
C:2010 Hiaslam Garugen

E’dden Anfauglir
The Heavenly King resides in the farthest depths of the Lands Between. He rules the clouds and the winds with the sole power of his life force. Having remained without purpose for years since his creation, he has decided to appear in this world in order to save the Elden Ring.
C:2010 E’dden Anfauglir

Trishir Skull Father
Of the Elden world, the awesome feeling of freedom is the most beautiful of all. He represents the beautiful feeling and power of the Elden Ring. He has returned to his birthright and appeared in this world to save his land.
C:2010 Trishir Skull Father

Sadrïl Lhes
He carries the Elden Ring of the Ear. In order to see an enormous void, he removed his own ears. He travels in the Lands Between and travels on the wind.
C:2010 Sadrïl Lhes

Raevose Root Mother
Her heart grows as


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Journey to the Lands Between to become the new Lord of the Void.
  • Join others from around the world in the online system, initiating intense PvP battles and an ever-evolving war!
  • Travel through strategic PvP battles and see your best friend explode in an instant as you attack in real time!
  • By interacting with the battles directly from your smartphone, you will be fully immersed in the online battles. Use your tactical calculations in real time to guide your team in the most efficient position in order to win!
  • Dwarven Edition Features:

    Elden Lord Class

    • Upgrade points are distributed upon the power of your sword.
    • Upgrade points for the upgrade of weapons, armor, and magic.
    • Create new class specializations by recruiting subordinates. You can collect a variety of loot and attack, or weaken your foes’ defense by creating minions.
    • As a new group of dwarves bring your name to the Elden Ring, a brand-new class will be born!

    Creation of Dwarves

    • Completely customize the appearance of your new dwarf characters.
    • Develop your skills to customize weapons, armor, and magic.
    • Move freely through the vast world with the new special speed.

    Elden Lord Leveling System

    • Playable with a simple click.
    • Generate gold and XP in battle. 
    • Just equip the weapons and magic that you like! 

    Basic Players

    1) The Basic Offer

    The basic package features the main features of the game, and supports one character per game. By purchasing this package, players receive an access code that can be used to redeem the special price for the game.

    • Package limited to 50,000 packages.


    Elden Ring


    A huge massive world where a variety of situations are seamlessly connected is a wonderful attraction. If the first person view is good, the map becomes a huge world that you can fully enjoy while jumping around freely.
    You can freely wander around the huge world, where you can travel anywhere by flying freely. The level design of the places you will appear is very nice.

    In particular, the areas around the forest are open, and you can freely move around freely. There are plenty of places where you can get attacked and there are plenty of wild animals waiting to be hunted, but you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    There are countless places where you can also enjoy. On the sea coast there are fields where you can farm.

    You can also enjoy the rich and infinite free world of the Lands Between with countless people around.

    The fantasy drama is an epic story. It is told in story fragments, where characters are depicted in a setting filled with strong emotions and constantly moving.
    It is a story that is like a dream, as the characters have sharp growth and development.

    That is what appealed to me most. It is a lively story that creates a strong impression on you.


    By the way, I was able to take a look at the opening movie of the game. It is a fantasy adventure movie that is like a dream.
    The first part is a narration of the story, while the following parts are snippets of the game.
    It gives a strong impression right away.


    Are you looking forward to joining the game?

    The release date has not yet been announced, but you can look forward to it.

    What are you waiting for? Let’s try it out together.

    ©2019 KONAMI All Rights Reserved.

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    How do


    Elden Ring Crack + Download [Mac/Win]

    [PS4] The actions can be performed with the controller, but you can also hold the controller and move the character with the analog stick.
    [Joy-Con] You can move the character by moving the Joy-Con around and be able to experience the gameplay from a different perspective.
    [Tentacles] You can also freely hold the Joy-Con like a tentacle and move the character around.
    [PlayStation VR] You can use the PlayStation VR to enjoy the game even more. You will be able to handle your character using the motions of the PlayStation VR’s head and see the world from the perspective of the character.
    [VR mode] The Move buttons can be pressed to look in the direction the arrows point to. The camera can also be tilted to look around the character.
    [Touchpad] You can use the analog stick to look around the character or to move the character.
    [Stick] You can move around using the stick.
    [Super Guide] If the button mode has been set to Super Guide, you can move the character freely with a press of the stick.
    Controller / Joy-Con / PS VR / TV / Move, etc. CONTROLLER:
    Controller / Joy-Con / System Play / TV / Move / Booting / Avatars / Other / Card support PlayStation Camera


    What’s new:

    Download Critical Hit

    FerocityMaven 2011-03-02 22:31

    The land between is what they call fantasy
    You are a warrior and you want to save your village,
    The people are scared because the Elden are coming…
    But a beautiful, elven woman gives you the power to use to teach,
    Fight, and question…
    Every tree reveals different story…
    “What is your name?”
    “I am destined to protect the village and the people,
    Once I found out the power,
    I do not regret anything…”

    Critical Hit

    FerocityMaven 2011-03-03 09:07

    How would you like to explore the Lands Between?
    In the new fantasy action RPG, you will play as a Dauntless Warrior.
    You have come from different places to the Lands Between,
    And now you want to return to your village and save it from the danger that will tear it apart and in doing so, you get the chance to question the magical power that has been in your hand at the beginning of your adventure.
    It is the power that will allow you to fight the more frightening inhabitants of the magical lands that are your goal, but the power will not always be what you expected…
    You will be required to learn more about your power and find your place in the magic circle.
    The Lands Between awaits the course of your strategy,
    We have prepared a set of objects, but they are not enough to keep the battles dynamic and exciting, they will always be difficult and make you need to have additional skills…
    Will your name reach the high level of Dauntless Warriors?
    The people will need your power to keep themselves safe.
    It is sometimes the only way to become the best, and with the power that you gained in this Landes, you will be able to fight and find the best way to gain and wield more power.
    You will discover that there are those who would like to manipulate you,
    But you must be sure to resist the temptation to do the same to other people.
    What is your name?
    You will be able to shape your character on your way through the Landes.
    The best way to progress in the campaign will be through persistence and strategy.
    You will need to learn that every item has a function,
    So you can use it efficiently.
    Fight to save the people who depend on you,
    You will discover that there are foes who hope to defeat


    Free Download Elden Ring [March-2022]

    Read CD-Keys!

    1- F3- F12- F4- F11- F5- F6- F7- F8

    2- F2- F1- Jump (you are in the game).


    4-Click in the button “Play” of the!!!.

    5-Click with the button “Activate” in the CD-key.

    6-Click on the button “Install”.


    8-Open the game.

    9-Click with the button “Activate” in the CD-key.

    10-Click on the button “Install”.



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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • First Download
  • Block the Download
  • Install the Game
  • Play the Game
  • Happy game cracking
  • Installation

    Extract the RAR archive into the installation directory. ( Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\EBGames).

    Open the install3.7 folder and run the setup.exe


    Double-click the Crack_EldenRing file to start the crack application. A dialog will then appear, click next.

    Enjoy the crack

    Once installed, run the game and enjoy the game with a crack that you have just launched. Feel free to report bugs or suggest improvements. Thanks a lot for support! 😀
    Note : Have fun with playing!

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later
    500 MHz iMac
    2 GB RAM
    50 MB free disk space
    Connectivity: Local area network
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