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The Elden Ring Torrent Download Game is an action RPG created by AtomicFloppy, a globally renowned video game localization and publishing company. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine, and is being fully orchestrated for localization into many languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.


More than just an RPG, the game delivers a powerful combat system, a thrilling storyline, a complex skill tree, and countless possibilities for personal development and enjoyment.

Featuring Battle Mechanisms From the Real World

The battle system in the game is a direct translation of the real world; in order to move your character, you perform motions similar to real movements. The way you move determines your character’s actions, and influences how your character changes over time.

Visuals that Set the Game Apart

With no special measures to accommodate a wide range of resolutions, AtomicFloppy has delivered beautifully dynamic graphics that support the sharpness of mobile screens. Your character will feel as if he is real.

Increase in the level of Reality in Vast Settings and Presentation

The graphics use new illustration techniques and greatly improved UI design. The atmospheric music and the design of the Village-like world also help provide a vivid picture of the game.

Special Features to Impress Your Friends

With social features such as the Raid Fight Event and Treasure Hunt, the game offers novel features that can be enjoyed together with your friends.


Step Into a Multitude of Different Settings and Places

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

Travel through a Variety of Places

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

Burst Into Action in Real Time

When in battle, your character will fight by moving your fingers and clicking the mouse as you would in the real world.


Find the Secret to Victory in a Revelation

As you explore the world, find hints to the secret to victory in the stories of the characters. The people you meet along the way play a big role in the world of Elden Ring Crack For Windows.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Characters: A dual story of a self-proclaimed hero and his companion set in an alternate fantasy world called the Lands Between that connects to the other fantasy worlds of Senri and Asuka. Each character has his or her own story and explanations for the actions of the other main characters. Some characters have deep, hidden backgrounds that provide answers to some of their decisions and actions.
  • Gameplay: In addition to traditional types of RPG combat, elements from other genres are also added. At the same time, exploratory features, including factions, guilds, and expanded equipment customization, are added to the game.
  • Factions and Guilds: Add depth and feel to social play by organizing your quest through the organization of factions and guilds.
  • Swords: Fantasy style swords exist in the game, but with a twist: Elden Rocks. Players can improve their swordsmanship through training sessions.
  • PvP: Players can fight other players in a battle to the death using their swords. * PvP not supported in Japanese version
  • Spells: While the vast majority of combat is done with swords and magic, there are also a variety of spells. Players who have training on their own preferences can perform combat-effective magic by learning the correct spell order.
  • Upcoming Features

      We are creating a new way to interact between the game and web site, so please look forward to the future!
      Take pleasure from the feeling of repeatedly gathering rewards by completing missions while exploring.
      A feature that will “punch” you in the face by warning you to get up from your seat…ahhahahaa~

    Wonderful News! We also have the following for R&D on the tentative schedule.

    • We are considering expanding the game into a campaign.
    • We are currently considering introducing a new system that will allow you to freely change your


      Elden Ring Crack

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      Elden Ring (LifeTime) Activation Code [Latest 2022]

      Explore, fight, and enjoy the action RPG elements of the past.

      Action RPG elements.
      A vast world. A variety of scenarios with both open and closed environments. Challenging fights with many monsters.
      Character growth. As you progress and level up you will increase your stats. As a result, your combat prowess and ability to use magic will improve.
      Unlockable magic. You can learn and unlock abilities by leveling up and doing quests. You can combine various abilities to use them more effectively.
      Customize your own equipment. Equip weapons, armor, and magic items according to your play style. With a wide variety of equipment available, you can create your own character.
      Collect, equip, and increase a wide variety of equipment while leveling up. Enjoy the feeling of obtaining and equipping items, or activate spells while riding on your mount.
      -The Gods who reincarnate between the Lands
      -As a summoner, choose your character; a warrior that wields the Elden Sword, or a magic caster that uses the Staff of the Great God
      Explore and find items in the Lands Between.
      -Different types of items, including weapons, armor, and magic items
      -Find items in various locations, such as monster caves and small towns
      -Collect items with a variety of effects, such as the effect of increasing your life points, effectiveness in battle, and more
      Collect points to purchase items.
      -Every day, every week, and every year, you can purchase items

      Let’s play.
      -Play with your fellow adventurers and guildmates
      -As you clear dungeons, you can use items as rewards
      -You can create dungeons by selecting “Random Dungeon” (Online Dungeon)
      -As you progress and level up, you will be able to increase your experience points
      -Earn experience points by defeating monsters
      -You can increase your stats using Experience Points
      -You will receive an experience point for each level up.

      Your body weight will be different each time, depending on the size and weight of the equipment you have equipped.
      Enjoy a wide variety of equipment at your disposal, from healing items, staffs, and shields to swords, armors, and breastplates.

      Every time you fight monsters, experience points are awarded.
      Experience points can be used to increase stats.

      Let’s play!

      -Functions of the “Online”


      What’s new:

      Fantastic uncharted worlds, brutal action and epic battles await you. Now, let’s start our journey to the “Domain of Gods!”

      Horde: Originally designed for the original Xbox®, the Xbox LIVE® online service for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts. Xbox LIVE featured the largest online connected community of players, constantly evolving its service with new features to provide an unparalleled experience that fans and global developers have told us is essential.

      DICE: a community incorporated in 2003 that develops and publishes video games.
      NEXON AMERICA: (formerly Intervideo Games)
      a NEXON company that was spun-off from Intervideo (the parent company that acquired and developed Dead Space) in July 2010. NEXON America merged with Tristram Capital in late August 2010.

      NEXON Europe was spun-off from Intervideo (the parent company that acquired and developed Dead Space) in July 2010. NEXON Europe’s first game, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, was released in October 2010.

      When the organic and inorganic worlds are deeply intertwined, we call it Surface. For the past two years, we have spent our time creating a universe of thrilling battles, action, and adventure. Our goal is to deliver a “god’s playground” experience with a world of unlimited possibilities.

      When the organic and inorganic worlds are deeply intertwined, we call it Surface. For the past two years, we have spent our time creating a universe of thrilling battles, action, and adventure. Our goal is to deliver a “god’s playground” experience with a world of unlimited possibilities.

      NEWS! We’ll be releasing our first follow up free title, titled Stand Alone Complex 4, on March 15th, 2016!

      We have reached agreement with Marvel Entertainment Inc. (Marvel) on its continued relationship as the game’s title and intellectual property holder. Marvel and NCsoft will continue to share rights to the latest work of the same title, including the work produced since 2015. Isekai will remain as the game’s title.

      Marvel has been a big partner of ours, as well as a great developer and an amazing IP holder for games. We have a great working relationship with Marvel and


      Free Elden Ring Latest

      1. Download and install the game

      2. Use Winrar to extract the game “ELDEN RING.rar” from the download

      3. Copy the extracted folder to the game path, then restart the game.

      4. Done.

      How to activate

      Enter your Game ID and leave your Name and Email:

      1. Enter your Game ID: 92793360376321513

      2. Leave your Name and Email:

      3. Click Yes to process, your Game ID and its original serial code will be sent to your email.

      Note: Press OK to Finish.

      How to get over 1400 gems

      1. Use a viking sword and you will get +200 abilty points

      2. Use a breath weapon and you will get +200 abilty points

      3. Use a spear and you will get +200 abilty points

      4. Use a flail and you will get +200 abilty points

      5. Use a shield and you will get +200 abilty points

      6. Use 10 medium potions, 12 small potions, 9 warrior potions and 2 medium good luck potions to have +3400 abilty points.

      Note: the bigger your dragon has, the more HP/MP you have.

      How to get Ragnarok Gem, that can be used to double the power of dragons:

      1. Add Tarnished Element (Unlocked for by reaching level 20)

      2. Find Out where is the Tarnished Element

      3. Add a Tarnished Element to your dragon

      4. Double the power of your dragon

      Note: Press OK to Finish.

      How to get Cloud Gem

      1. Start playing during April 10 – April 20 (GMT+9) (3 days)

      2. Find the Light of Samrong (14 Level) dungeon

      3. Use the portal to go in to Light of Samrong in Second floor

      4. Equip the Cloud Gem and click the portal

      5. Use the portal in second floor to go to Light of Samrong in Third floor

      6. Get the Cloud Gem

      How to get lucky epic adventure gem

      1. Get lucky in the Lucky Dungeon (10 Level) in Thursday and Monday

      2. Go back to the story menu


      How To Crack:

    • Download and install Game Jolt.
    • Then download the installer and run it.
    • Install the Game Jolt match.
    • After the update is completed, download a crack for your PC.
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    • There will be a crack folder inside. Move them to your game directory where Elden Ring is installed.
    • If you don’t find the crack folder, it might be because of the wrong installation of the game. So, please check it.
    • Enjoy the fun of Elden Ring.

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    System Requirements:

    Windows OS
    2GHz Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor
    2GB RAM
    Compatible with Mac OS and Linux
    How to Play:
    1. Install the DLC
    2. Install the Game
    3. Play
    4. Enjoy!Uzumaki Japan
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    Uzumaki Japan
    Uzumaki Japan has several versions including Nagareboshi Japan, Kurihara Japan, Tachikoma Japan,


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