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The Elden Ring offers a fantasy game experience rich with adventure and interactive elements that, for the first time, allows you to travel in a massive open world.
In addition to a large-scale story set in the Lands Between, the game offers a wide range of items, special events, and numerous adventure dungeons for players to discover.
Step onto the battlefield, take on the role of the hero, and create a lasting legacy in this fantasy action game.

Set out on an adventure to save the world in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS
Engage in turn-based combat
Discover what awaits you in the next story of the FINAL FANTASY franchise
Visit and take part in festivals and become a hero with the friends you meet along the way
Collect unique treasures and save your friends in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS
Welcome to the lands between

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5.3 by Ederose – MangaGamer


The main character of the manga “Beelzebub’s Desire” is a teenage girl named Sakuya who is living the normal life of a high schooler. One day, a spirit named Meak the World of Dreams appears in Sakuya’s home, and he tells Sakuya that her original name is Sheena. Sheena senses an opportunity to reach to the world of dreams as the “soul-bound human,” and she sets out to save the boys she likes. Sakuya must soon choose between her normal life and the dream world.


Welcome to “Young lives in the dream world”, the official sequel of “Young lives in the dream world”.
The real


Features Key:

  • FREE ROAMING IN OPEN FIELDS WHERE YOU BATTLE WITH THE WORLDS’ FEARS. Built from The Land Between Dreams, the open fields allow you to freely walk around. While you encounter monsters within these open fields, how you proceed will depend on your character’s abilities. As a result, the landscapes of the open fields are completely open and complex. The more that you use your abilities to explore, the more you’ll come across new content and challenges.
  • REAL-TIME RENEWAL! In this unprecedented game, your strengths, weaknesses, gear, and abilities change dynamically. So it’s all about your efforts to become a stronger player.
  • TESTS OF ENDURANCE… …just like in the Eternia of legends. With a total of 1, 000, 000 steps, it’s a real challenge and by all means, you have to explore every inch of the vast world. It’s really hard to put down, so don’t think you can leave it to the next day.

    The development team for the Elden Ring project is listed below in order of their seniority, starting from the lead designer (Koichiro Matsuyama).

    Yama no Susume/The Land Between Dreams 1st director, Koichiro Matsuyama

    The Metal Chronicle Idea Creator, Masaya Matsuyama

    The Elden Ring World Design and Art Director, Hitoshi Nishimura

    Elden Ring World 2nd and Mecha Design Director, Takuya Matsumoto

    Elden Ring World 3rd and 3D Modeling Director, Hironori Satow

    Elden Ring World Production Assistant, Kunio Suda


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    “A good action RPG, promising new innovations.” – Touch Arcade

    “The most beautiful World of Warcraft.” – Mashable

    “Atmospheric and character models look great, and the combat and skills are enjoyable.” – TouchArcade

    “A visually stunning game with fantastic combat system and interesting plot.” – The Verge


    • The selection of characters is now complete!
    The characters from the fictional world of Elden Ring have arrived in your world! The game’s story now begins with the Tarnished Lord.
    • The introduction of the game’s weapon shop.
    Equip your weapons and armor with the amulets you obtained in your adventure!
    • The difficulties are sorted by class.
    You can freely choose the difficulty level, class, and ability of your character.
    • “Create your own leader” added.
    You can create a character based on the options available in this menu.
    • Unified class skill system is applied.
    The appearance of your character’s skill icons will be the same for all classes.
    • “Action RPG” is added.
    Since the class of a character determines the character’s role in combat, in addition to the passive effect of a character’s class, the active effect that players can apply in battle is also determined by a character’s class.
    • The ad-hoc system for multiplayer is added.
    • “Friend request” is added.
    You can request a friend to share your team with.
    • The party screen is added.
    Click the back button in the party screen to return to the map screen.
    • “Ready” button added.
    When you enter a map, you can immediately enter the battle for that map.
    • The number of the map you can leave in one click of the “Back” button is added.
    You can go back to the map screen by one click of the “Back” button.
    • “Choose a map” button is added.
    When you are invited to an endgame, you can choose a map to visit to face the endgame.
    • “Objective” button is added.
    By pressing the “Objective” button, you can see the overall objective of the map you are currently in.
    • “Join team” button is added.
    You can join a friend’s team by clicking the “Join team” button.
    • “Partner” button is added.
    You can select your partner


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    • Immersion in Massive Dungeons
    A dungeon contains various areas that draw you into the game, including a vast hall where you fight with boss monsters, an area where the action intensifies as you go deeper, and a labyrinth where you have to dodge enemies while solving puzzles.


    • Skill Matching Online Experience
    As you get further into the game, multiplayer matches become more challenging. Skills that would be insufficient to a beginner are required when playing online. You can fight an enemy you would normally avoid if playing alone.


    (1) Aug 2nd, 2017 (Patch #4)
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, added a new area.
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed the game screen images to be consistent with the UI images.
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed the map and some quest missions.
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed the bear bell to be visible in front of you.
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed an issue in which the sound for the alert bell would ring for a while while you are in the mountain range.
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed an issue in which the NPC party members would disappear from the map after a while.

    (2) July 18th, 2017
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed an issue in which the shipwreck ghost trap would disappear if you return to the shipwreck.

    (3) June 22nd, 2017
    – In the Plains of the Elden Ring, fixed an issue in which the enchanted weapon would not drop due to an incorrect status.

    (4) June 5th, 2017
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed the lance not being dropped if the status of the item is Improper Armor.
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed the chest lamp to be more useful.
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed the light to be on.
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed the light to be off after the screen turns black and white.
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed the NPC to be in the room after the scenario.
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed an issue in which the message would not appear if the barrel with the bomb is destroyed.
    – In the Ruins of Thule, fixed


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Wield the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

    Tarnished World Adventures (PC, PS Vita)

    “Research into the skeletons of enormous monsters and desperately mysterious high-potency items – Tarnished World Adventures, RPG.
    Travel in various lands and back to your own village, and make acquaintances with the inhabitants using the Gene Survey system.
    As you progress through the game, befriend new villagers, complete quests, and fight monsters to learn about ancient civilizations.
    Exploring and deepening the story of the lands, and making weapons and armor will prepare you for battle!”

    Release: 2014/11/12

    Purchase: PC, iOS / Android

    Price: 4,800 yen

    Language: Japanese, English

    080×0 block


    Download Elden Ring

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