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Gear Generator 3.0.4 Crack !!INSTALL!!

Gear Generator 3.0.4 Crack !!INSTALL!!


Gear Generator 3.0.4 Crack

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This year my son turned seven.I wanted to make him a special cake for his birthday.I searched the internet for a cake recipe from which I could bake my son’s dream cake and that of his favorite colors yellow and silver.He had made a lot of requests to me but had to be keeping it a secret.I made him a rainbow cake and his mommy and I decided to decorate it with silver and yellow sprinkles.Making cakes is my love-in-art and I welcome all your comments, especially if you can suggest me how to do it better next time.I hope you like this cake and you will do the same with your children’s birthday cakes.So, friends, this is my cupcake recipe.Enjoy it.

Butter or margarine for the baking tin

All-purpose flour

Sugar (to taste)

Baking soda

Baking powder

Cream of tartar




Corn Flour

Oil (to deep fry)

Silver and yellow sprinkles


1. Combine the flour,sugar, baking soda,baking powder,cream of tartar and salt in a bowl.

2. Sift the dry ingredients and add the cold butter or margarine and cream of tartar to it.

3. Stir the mixture with your hands.

4. Add the milk and beat the batter with an electric beater for 2 minutes.

5. Add the milk and raisins and beat the batter again for 5 minutes.

6. Pour the batter into prepared baking tin and bake at 375ºF for about 30-35 minutes or until the top of the cake has a golden color.

7. When the cake is cool, frost the cake and decorate it with silver and yellow sprinkles.

Note: The cake should be served cool.

This cake will last for up to three days after it is baked.I hope you will like this cake

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