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GPS Altitude Chart Download [Mac/Win] [2022]


Export of GPS Tracklog in GPS Exchange format

Precision elevation profile over any distance or any interval between two GPS positions

The application provides the ability to calibrate the scale and the precision of elevation plots. This allows to compare a GPS tracklog with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellite data for the same location as the tracklog was recorded. By this technique it is possible to detect the deviations of a GPS tracklog from the GNSS and to make adjustments to the recorded elevation profile.

The application supports the following GPS base stations and tracklog formats:





Garmin/eMap/CS and

NMEA Satellites & Lat Long





Sierra GPS

Terrain Ahead




Both eMap and tracklog formats have their own specifics when it comes to the displayed elevation profile. EMap formats start with the symbol “$” (for TrackLog+). It is also possible to export a tracklog using an NMEA format which starts with “$GPRMC” (for eMap).
The application supports formats of course with “$GPX” (Garmin) or “$GPS” (Sierra) GPS trace files and the.GPX or.CSV (.CSV with sector names) Garmin MapSource (.gpx or.csv) and KML-data (in near mode only). The application can also process ROUTINE data files.
The displayed elevation profile is based on both the GPS receiver and the base station. Both elevation plots will be displayed on the screen and the one with higher accuracy is the one that is shown first.

Elevation plots are displayed in percent or in meters. You can also use the application to print the profiles. It prints the data either as a PDF file or as an image with a JPEG or PNG extension. If you want the elevation plots in another language you can add this manually. Furthermore, elevation plots from different base stations can be compared.

Normally, elevation plots should be adjusted to the accuracy of the GNSS satellite data for the same location where the track

GPS Altitude Chart (2022)

Screenshots & More details
Where Is GPS Altitude Chart Crack Keygen Available?
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What Is GPS Altitude Chart Crack?
GPS Altitude Chart is a free utility that supports Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows CE/Mobile and Linux. It displays the altitude of your track in meters, feet, miles or nautical miles on the screen. This utility is a great tool for presenting navigation data and plot elevation profiles on a slide show.
This application works with any GPS device that supports the “GPS Exchange” format or “GPS exchange comma separated value file” file extension. The GPS data is exported to a file in comma separated values format or CSV file format. Note that the GPS Altitude Chart provides step-by-step instructions on how to export the tracklog data and the GPS altitude plots of your tracklog to a CSV file or GX file.
More info at:

Where Can I Download GX or CSV GPS Files?
You can download GPS Altitude Chart from the Garmin Mapsource forum. For more information, see:

How To Use GPS Altitude Chart?
GPS Altitude Chart saves a track log as a CSV file or GX file. In order to print or publish the plot with the GPS Altitude Chart application, you need to run the GX or CSV file with a compatible GPS receiver. The GX format (the newer one) contains the GPS altitude data in the first row and then a special representation of the latitude, longitude, heading, course, date, time, distance, speed and elevation of your track.
In order to get better results with GPS Altitude Chart, it is recommended to update the GPS receiver to the latest firmware version supported by your GPS receiver. With each firmware update it is possible to improve the quality of the GPS altitude data.
After you have saved your track to a CSV file or GX file, open the file with GPS Altitude

GPS Altitude Chart With License Code Free Download

GPS Altitude Chart is a

GPS Altitude Chart is an easy to use application for displaying, printing and saving your data in the form of elevation profiles. By using this application to convert a tracklog
into an elevation plot, you will finally have what you wanted since the beginning.

The application enables you to view the tracklog data on two different devices. These are any mobile phone with a GSM modem and any portable GPS receiver (e.g. a device with a GPS or GLONASS module), as well as any GPS antenna, GPS device, or if the device has the Garmin / Garminsoft

This application simply includes, exports and converts your GPS / GLONASS tracks into a series of elevation plots. The process is pretty straightforward and consists of three different steps:

You start the application by clicking on the EXPORT button. This starts the import process by synchronizing with the speed / position data of the device (mobile phone, navigation unit or GPS/GLONASS receiver). Then the application generates a unique code for the exported file. You can then export the data with the file name you provided. This file can be opened with any PDF viewer or e-mail client and you can print the profile directly from this file.

The function to save the data as a PDF or PNG image can be enabled from the Options menu. Simply select any page you want to save and click on the SAVE button. You can then store these pictures in any file structure of your choice. You can find the PDFs on your PC with any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader). You can preview the pictures in any PDF viewer or even directly in Photoshop by opening the exported file in Photoshop.

You can easily edit and re-export the files. Simply import the tracklog again and convert it into another profile. The only difference to the first export is that the file name will be different. That´s it!

Here is a simple walk through of this application, which also includes a description of the different possible functions and menus.

1. Start the application and show the main window with the GPS/GLONASS / Altitude profile data of the last recorded track

2. Select Tracklogs → Export (File)

3. Select GPS Track Log. This starts the import procedure

4. Select Export. After the start the application displays the available export file numbers


What’s New in the?

1. Import Recorded Tracklogs with any software
2. Export Tracklogs in any format
3. Use the application to display the tracklogs on your computer screen or as a PDF or PNG file to be printed or published.
4. Compatible with GPS receivers.
5. Supported with any Garmin GPS Device.
6. All GPS Data is saved.
7. You can import other formats.
8. Easy to use.
9. Multiple Views.
10. Select the Height of the Altitude Data Graph
11. Single GPS Satellites
12. GPS Altitude Time Graph
13. GPS Altitude Distance Graph
14. GPS Altitude Graph with Raster, Digit, or Polar Positioning
15. Save your graphs as PDF
16. Export to JPEG or PNG

Don’t worry about dropping files, they can be easily recovered
Drag and Drop from the computer to the GPS to save data quickly and easily.
All your data is automatically saved to the Garmin files
With the Garmin Mapsource application, all the data can be saved to your Garmin GPS receiver, or other compatible files.

The Garmin GPS Chart is aimed to use with the Garmin Mapsource application (or the original Graphical Software from your Garmin GPS receiver). To use with a Garmin Mapsource application, you must have the application installed and you must have a GPS (Garmin) mounted on your computer.
The Garmin GPS Chart is aimed to use with the Garmin Mapsource application (or the original Graphical Software from your Garmin GPS receiver). To use with a Garmin Mapsource application, you must have the application installed and you must have a GPS (Garmin) mounted on your computer.

Customize the Garmin Chart Can be easily changed to display a different chart option, scale, display direction, or background color, just personalize it to your liking.
Save Your Track to GPS Can automatically save and upload all your track data.
Install the Garmin Chart on your Garmin device or GPS receiver. Load the Garmin Chart File to your GPS device.
The Garmin Chart from this site is compatible with the Garmin Mobilemap Map application.

Import GPS Tracks for Transfer to the Garmin GPS Chart

Import GPS Tracks for Transfer to the Garmin GPS Chart

The Garmin Chart is aimed to use with the Garmin Mapsource application (or the original Graphical Software from your Garmin GPS receiver). To use with a Garmin Mapsource application, you must have the application installed and

System Requirements:

– Widevine Support – SHA256 on PS4 and Xbox One
– EAP support for Release Builds
What’s New in the v2.7 Patch?
How to Install the v2.7 Patch (PS4 / Xbox One)
– Select “Install Updates” on the bottom right of the home screen
– Select “Change” on the