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You are an elite pilot, named XXX. With your sexy body and a high IQ, you are
the perfect subject for space experiments, you and your body are treated
like a kind of super-intelligent robot by your colleagues. Not even the gravity
fields could keep you down, you can fly wherever you want and live the life
of a super hero.
Spaceship is a new adventure game by Softonic developer, that was presented at
GDC in 2009. The objective of the game is to fly through a series of traps
and puzzles, and collect the most massive number of points. With its precision
and level of detail, the game is a perfect example of the new generation of
– High-quality graphics
– Challenging puzzles
– Vast game levels
– Ultra fast gameplay
– A beautiful soundtrack
– Support for standard controls and game pad
– World: 16 different locations
– Fight with monsters
– Collect the most points
– Pick-up all traps and points
– Carefully analyse your environment before flying
– And much more…
Key Features:
– Fantastic graphics
– Impressive music
– Endless challenge
– Unique controls
– Fantastic story
XXX Puzzle: Expansion Pack 4 is the fourth expansion pack for XXX Puzzle.
It includes 10 new levels (amounting to a total playing time of about 2 hours)
that can be played after the previous one.
Additionally, we have included 10 new funny pictures as well as a high IQ.
To unlock these new features, perform the following steps:
1. Complete the game as much as possible.
2. Go into the Options menu and set the IQ to 100 (click the IQ button in the
options bar).
3. Exit the game and reinstall. Then start the game with the Expansion Pack
4. Start the game. The expansion pack is now loaded.
The Expansion Pack 4 is only available as a free download in most countries.
However, if you don’t want to wait until the retail release date, you can
obtain the Expansion Pack for a month free of charge and get unlimited access
to all our upcoming titles, as well as previous ones, at no extra charge.
How to obtain the Expansion Pack for a month free:
– Visit our website at:
– Click on the “FREE SERVICES” tab.
– Login


Light It | Áらし鬼 Features Key:

  • The first explorable 3D multiplayer maps for PC
  • Widescreen format with a global player pool
  • Leaderboards and achievements

Basic game features:

  • New all-terrain vehicles with distinctive handling characteristics
  • New all-terrain tracks for vehicle mining, terrorist convoys, and other stunts
  • Unique gameplay with new vehicle parkour features
  • 4 new weapons and crew
  • 4 new achievements
  • 11 new asymmetric multiplayer matches per gametype

Key game content:

  • Multiplayer :
    • 4 new multiplayer game modes
    • All-terrain vehicles that were specially designed for the new game modes
    • 2 new multiplayer maps
  • Singleplayer :
    • 12 hour-long campaign
    • Widescreen format
    • Multiple difficulty levels
    • Additional achievements
  • Special Bonus Add-Ons:
    • Gameplay and design videos
    • New screenshots
    • Posters and artbook.
  • Free for 11 months after release!

A Call for Stampede:

  • Do you think the Stampede still has room to grow?
  • Do you have any suggestions for new features, gameplay improvements, or other Stampede improvements, which can be added into the game?


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Archibald is a wargame, puzzle and action game about a brave warrior in the kingdom of Glassland.
The game consists of 15 physics puzzles with randomized levels. Some levels are very difficult to solve and require the player to perfectly manage a specific physics phenomenon.
That’s why the game requires real skill, so it is possible that the player will never finish the game, since there is no level for everyone.
If you can’t solve the physics puzzle, Archibald will come to your help and assist you with a realistic physics model that is available to solve all the puzzles of the game.
Difficulty levels:
Start all levels from “Easy”
Then after reading the game guide, increase the level difficulty.
The game will scale the difficulty automatically.
After some levels you will find a hint in the game guide.
Let’s get started!
Install the game Archibald v1.0
It is a physical game, so the download link goes to a physical file.
Please follow the instructions in the video to install the game:

How to play Archibald
You only have to press the “Play” button and there will be a princess with a crown in front of your eyes.
If you select the right answer, you will immediately go to the next level.
If you made a mistake, you will be redirected to the previous level.
If you find some secrets you can reach the next stage.
But if you run out of lives, you can only review your mistakes.
After playing, please write a review and give us your opinion.
Join us on Discord!
If you have any questions, problems or ideas, please join us on our Discord:
Support us on Patreon
If you want to support us and get some cool bonuses, please register on our Patreon site:

Thank you very much for the support!
Follow us on Social Media
– Facebook:
– YouTube:
– Twitter:

Glassvassals1 is a free arcade puzzle action game with physics, fun gameplay and graphics.


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Gameplay Bullet Girls Phantasia – Drilling Item: Clock:

Requires a save of at least the New Game Plus Version.

Noise Title(s) Phantasy Star Zero New Game Plus

Story of the PlayersHave you ever longed to be a part of the action in the stories of the World of the Mana? In Mana I.M.S. (Information Management System) players can experience the story of their favorite characters in the very world of the action.

In a desperate effort to protect a girl kidnapped by a machine demon, players are employed as part of the “Planning Division,” a special security team. Players must fight to protect the city and the Mana from the invaders. But the city is far from safe…

* Where’s the Girl?

Risa, a beautiful but seemingly ordinary girl, and a suspicious, cold-hearted antagonist from outside the Mana have come together. To eliminate Risa, the protagonist, Aota, must overcome all of the difficulties that the Mana has to offer. However, the truth that Risa holds close to her heart is something that will surely bring about a confrontation with Aota.

The New Song Goes On!

As their task becomes more difficult, a new song “Dance with Me” begins to play. Its melody creates an unforgettable atmosphere, even in the fights that are taking place in the background.

In the New Game Plus Version, the story will change.

Players who purchase this add-on will play the New Game Plus Version for free, and all characters will be automatically obtained.

Anyone who purchased the New Game Plus Version prior to the release of this add-on can save their save files before the download, and they will be able to play the New Game Plus Version.

* Requirements

This item is meant for the original version of the game.

[Item ID] ji1704-1611417181

* Important Note

It is recommended to purchase the Add-on Disk/Box prior to purchasing this item.

▲Item Description▲

A special item is being added as a DLC.

This item will add an original song that is not included in the Mana series to the existing soundtrack.

A large number of new songs will be added to your portable MP3 player.

You can play this song in the game by installing the “Musical Obsession” add-


What’s new:

New Found Purpose!

Let the ole cat nap begin!

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet, because by tomorrow I’ll be tired of writing this (and this might even be old news?) but to those who don’t know, Cat’s Country is a great everyday cat site. I’m a daily reader on as many blogs as I can find, and this is a site I can’t live without.

Now that the holidays have passed, it’s time to think of what new year brings! Oooooh, I have a plan!

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who was about changing their lives. I view life as a “change” and enjoy it. But there is purpose to change, and there’s purpose behind my purpose-change.

I do a LOT of things. It’s hard to narrow down a few things to write about, but I will (bare with me this time.)

1) Food and cooking. If you’ve been following me closely, you know this is always on my mind. I can’t think without the food and what I eat. I eat a lot, and I like to cook. I have several cookbooks, and I make things like chocolate bread, and almond flour cakes. I love to cook.

2) Writing. I love to write. I have a great imagination, and I love creating stories that can impact others. Seriously. My mom and I were talking about a book a few weeks ago and I told her I have no clue what I want it to be about…but if I did, I’d write a book about moms that have children. I doubt I could write it, but I can imagine it.

What I don’t like about writing is that is hard to make money from it. That’s the nature of writing, but in the past, have thought about writing books and then self publishing them. I’m going to be fine in one way with writing…income! As my mom said, if I can make a little money, it’s better than nothing. At least I’ll have transportation (more on that in another blog, too.)

3) Networking. I LOVE computers and networking with the geeks!! The first Saturday of every month, I go to a Laptop Computer Club meeting. We socialize for a few hours, then we get to network with folks sharing all the same things we love


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– Short Tutorial and easy to start
– Invite your friends:
• Join a group and share the fun!
• Share your achievements with everyone!
– Global Leaderboard:
• Compare your progress with other players.
– Casual Gameplay:
• Slow pace in a fantastic world.
– Various vehicles and environments.
– Random Events:
• Complete all rewards to receive random loot.
– Rewarding Achievements:
• Collect all trophies to receive rewards.
– Special Missions:
• Count bonuses and complete all tasks to earn achievements.
– Boss Battle:
• Unique and very entertaining gameplay.
Stay tuned and get ready for a great time!

For more information about the game and our products, please visit antibody to the malaria parasite’s ‘identity protein’ blocks C3b deposition on the surface of infected erythrocytes.
We have used a monoclonal antibody specific for the malaria parasite’s ‘identity protein’ (referred to as mAb ID1) to investigate the relationship between this protein and complement-binding on the surface of infected erythrocytes. Sera from infected individuals contained markedly elevated levels of mAb ID1-reactive material, presumably anti-thrombocytopenic antibody. Sera of this type, from both healthy and parasitised individuals, were fractionated on affinity columns prepared with mAb ID1 and the antibody-containing fraction(s) used to bind erythrocytes infected with Plasmodium falciparum. In a microtiter haemagglutination assay, the purified fractions inhibited the adhesion of iRBC-associated IgG, suggesting that the antibody-reactive material is anti-complementary. These results suggest that the parasite protein mAb ID1 may act as a receptor for erythrocyte-bound immunoglobulins and provide further evidence for complement-mediated cytoadherence of infected erythrocytes to host cells during malaria infection.A 9-year-old girl was hospitalized after she was bitten by a dog in the Portland, Maine, area Wednesday.

The girl was bitten on her arm after the family was let into their home by a dog. The injury required seven stitches to close and a tetanus shot.

“She was terrified of the dog,” her father told


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Notice : If your language is not Vietnamese, sorry for inconvenience.40 – Best HTML5 Game: Heavy Hitters: The Game
04 Jan 2014 21:32:45 +0000 this game: Heavy Hitters: The Game is still in Beta this is the 2nd update but it is a LOT of fun and a WINNER of IGN 2014 CODIE award! This minimalist game has you guiding your squid friend through an endless ocean in an effort to save the sea. Inspired by Sun & Moon, a Flash based game, you have to avoid obstacles and enemies using your tentacles and collect coins to energize your […]

]]>About this game:
Heavy Hitters: The Game is still in Beta this is the 2nd update but it is a LOT of fun and a WINNER of IGN 2014 CODIE award!

This minimalist game has you guiding your squid friend through an endless ocean in an effort to save the sea. Inspired by Sun & Moon, a Flash based game, you have to avoid obstacles and enemies using your tentacles and collect coins to energize your thrusters. However, to avoid enemies you need to kill them first!

In this lovely game you can control your squid, with its tentacles, guide him from space to space using the direction keys, avoid spoilers, fire cannons, collect coins, avoid asteroids, collect coins,

System Requirements For Light It | Áらし鬼:

Windows 7 or later (Windows XP may also work).
Mac OS 10.6 or later (Windows XP may also work).
Sufficient storage to download the full game and optional extras.
Read our review for more information on our specific recommendations.
Download the free 20MB Trial version to see if this game is right for you.
game starts with you taking on a role of a female slave (or “sex slave”)
in a futuristic world, subjected to a strange new technology that has been