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We live in a world where fathers are traditionally sidelined. It’s the family units that make up the world we live in.
When fathers are allowed to be fathers and allowed to be around their children, it’s amazing how creative their children can be in sometimes simple situations.
One father found out the hard way. Through some circumstances he was forced to leave his home. No one was really sure if he was dead or alive, but something was left behind that was certain to give a clue. He left behind a hickey.
A hickey is like the ultimate confirmation to his daughter that he’s alive. He was an honest man, and did everything he could to help his children out.
Something as simple as a hickey can reveal many things to a third party, but to the children, it means the father is home and safe.
This is Welcome Back Daddy. A video game simulating what this father would have been like to his family.
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A blog about RPGs and the community. We play tabletop games and livestream. Host of the Dice Hate Me: The RPG Tabletop Tubeshow.
I’m in the process of creating a fully-functional forum system that can manipulate variables such as players, races, classes, monsters and spells. It’s a massive undertaking which is going to be very useful for new and veteran players.

A blog about RPGs and the community. We play tabletop games and livestream. Host of the Dice Hate Me: The RPG Tabletop Tubeshow.
I’m in the process of creating a fully-functional forum system that can manipulate variables such as players, races, classes, monsters and spells. It’s a massive undertaking which is going to be very useful for new and veteran players.

Touhou 4.1 –


Poöf Features Key:

  • Explore Terra, the World of Midgar, a ruined city destroyed by the Universal Order.
  • Fight in open-world first-person gam with up to six players.
  • Battle and break into countless Private Dojos.
  • Use your gear, loot, and resources to craft powerful Equipment and Weapons.
  • Create and customize your own character.
  • Racing or Survival mode experience with thrilling action


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Spectromancer is a card game based on a popular fantasy setting of the same name. The setting is a conflict among religious factions, and a lot is at stake. Living creatures are cards, and they gain abilities and powers through multiple forms. You can manipulate this “magic” with spells and spells of your own, sometimes to great effect.
The game comes with 4 races and 20 classes of magic user, each with different abilities and powers. As the game progresses you can also create your own templates to mix and match the classes and races to create your own highly customized character, letting you push the game to the extreme!
With a wide variety of cards and spells, the game is both easy to learn, but hard to master. Play a quick game online or spend long hours in the campaign and build your character into a powerful hero.
Key Features:
New Classes and Races – New classes include the sorcerer, the beastmaster, and the demonologist, and each have their own combination of abilities and powers.
New Templates – Extra play options let you customize your character, changing anything from head to armor to weapons.
Upgrade Cards – As your character evolves through levels, you gain power and ability from powerful upgrade cards!
New Equipment – Increase your power and abilities by equipping gear, equipment and magic on your new classes!
3 Multiplayer Modes – Play with online opponents, the Arena, and alone in the campaign, or play online with your friends and get glory!
One Scenario – The game is a single player campaign with an ending, but you can continue with new games after the game has been completed.
Unlockable Content – As you go through the game, you will unlock new content that can be unlocked in-game.
Single Player Campaign – The campaign has multiple goals in different venues to help you learn to play the game.
Variable Challenge – The game environment and cards in the campaign are always being updated to ensure variety from game to game.
System Requirements:
Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
4 GB Hard Drive
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher
DX9 Hardware Acceleration
Online – 3840x2160p
Offline – 1080p

· Use English only.
· This DLC


Poöf Product Key Free

This 2D Platform Game is played from an isometric viewpoint. Controls:
Instruments 1-8 are mapped to the controller buttons. Left joystick is to jump or move forward and backward. Up button is to control direction/speed in the air.
Instruments 9 is a “Motion”-control. It responds to all movement you make with the left stick and will move at the speed you are going at (which is basically either forward, backward or to the left or right side). This kind of controls is used in Koikoi Soundtrack gameplay.
Scoring and winning:
When the player beats the boss song, the player receives a point depending on how many notes are correct (or the correct rhythm of the note-values).
If the player misses, the amount of times the beat is skipped is also subtracted. To beat every different boss song, there are multiple copies of the levels they have.
The player gets points and wins depending on his/her high score.
To win, you have to beat two boss songs for one of the instruments. The player also receives a prize for every boss song he/she beat.
Game Place: Koikoi Soundtrack Prefix:
Download and play Koikoi Soundtrack on your own!
If you like playing this Soundtrack, please like/favorite/follow/etc. This Post on Steemit. If you want to make a donation and support Steemians, you can do so through your Steem Wallet or support me through PayPal. Links:
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Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of those anime series that I would describe as epic, technically impressive, epic in its view of the world, epic in its confrontation with a not entirely foreign landscape.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is so unlike anything else being made today, it feels like a work that is made to evoke such questions as, What if there were an Eva unit that could produce


What’s new:

The Theory of Everything – The 3D Art Gallery

Posted: Wed May 30, 2013 8:56 am

by Carstenor

I just decided to restore my copy of “The Theory of Everything” 2k11 and play through the game all the way to julia. It feels much better than the standard model which just ends at julia. I attribute it to an improved rendering model that seems to be more an improved look for mountains, water and water reflections and new rendering options for Julia’s game world

Also a big plus for me is that while playing the game the opening movie is always playing without cuts between clips “How to make a successful soap opera out of a pre made 2-hour film” so at first sight it looks like some thing is falling apart. But everything is sorted and the progress of the story revealed, usually through cut clips and closed background conversations. There are maybe a couple of cut scenes before the opening movie at the beginning of the game, but they are very quick so you can just forget them and enjoy playing the game. I never felt limited by the opening movie at all.

Also another thing that sticks out at me is that the intro now is themed after the opening movie of another ST game, “Open the box” by Thrust. So that means that apart from those 2 games the only other SoA game in my collection is “Tower Escape” and my guess is that they are all from the same cinematic cut scene.

It is pretty much impossible to get the whole intro movie from any start sequence online. But the beginning of the on mission sequence and the first scene of the first new town both have the intro movie showing. I’ve uploaded those sequences and a couple more into my 3D gallery on

Thanks for the info. I noticed that you have quite a few NSSTK2 scenes there but I only have the NSSTK2 movie and therefore there is no NSSTK2 intro. The NSSTK2 mission sequence ends after the “Scene 17” mission. So it’s just the normal intro movie plus a NSSTK2 intro. Can’t recall if the Jet Bacchus mission in a NSSTK2 intro or not. I notice the intro for the TM is also incomplete. I wonder if you capture the 3D artwork that shows in the opening movie of TR before you start texturing and rendering.

Thanks for the info. I noticed that you


Download Poöf [2022]

You’ll need to fight your way through the enemies of the Realms to save it from evil. You’ll need items and support characters to help you overcome the enemies. Can you save the Realms? It’s your call. Here’s your chance to face the dangers and prevail with the help of valiant characters, the most powerful magic and other NPCs. Win bravely and mercilessly. What will you do?
Intro to the Fantasy Grounds Companion:
Download the Fantasy Grounds Companion:

How to Start Playing:
First, you need to download the Fantasy Grounds Companion:

You can start playing only after you have completed Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the companion guide in the PDF.
How to Start Playing:
1. Creating a character and saving the character name and stats to a file.
2. Creating your first campaign using the information on the “how to start playing” screen of the companion guide.
3. You are ready to play.
4. If you have more than one character, each character has to be set up separately, according to the Chapter 4 of the companion guide.
5. Play the game.
6. Close the game when you finish your game.
Known Issues:
1. For now, there is only one module available for this token pack, and there is a problem with the skill system. For now, the monsters in the module don’t have skills. You will see that we will fix this later.
2. Please look for the FAQs on the companion guide. There will be questions when you start playing.2017 SORAGI-ARABIAN SMITH AMAZING SUPERGOD #93


Cover by SHIO
1:15 B&W HC
On sale MARCH


How To Crack:

  • Download And Install Game On PC.
  • Install game shortcut in desktop by clicking on the downloaded setup file.
  • Run game shortcut from desktop.
  • Install game shortcut to start menu. For this, right click on desktop and select New, then select Shortcut.
  • Make sure icon is set to Game.

Mighty Gems

  • You’ll discover how manly it is to get through levels with this new game. Smooth control is very simple in this game. Furthermore, you’ll discover over one-hundred levels. You may complete within a few days of frequent play. The game has two differing difficulties.
  • The AI is not that difficult unlike a normal retro game. It’s hard to read yet without computer difficulty. It’s simple to pick up and difficult. After you level up in the game, the game will get easier.
  • When you progress in the game, the game has a rock-like, tough cover system. You will want to guard from enemies with your grenade. You must be clever at telling which cover to get to and which cover to avoid. It will be hard not to get stuck due to being too clever or being too stupid. It’s a chess game with the right side of the cover. You’ll have access to three different grenade types, each of which has a unique use. For example, the grenade will change things by destroying bridges, the explosives, or the sprinkler. Those items that you do not use will remain in each cover. After you shoot a certain enemy, you may get updates. For instance, you can equip grenades, you can hit an enemy for three times, and so on.

System Requirements For Poöf:

Mandrake 10-12
Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
128 MB RAM
1 GB hard drive space
Mandrake 13
Intel Pentium M 400 MHz
Mac OSX 10.5
Intel Pentium D 1.5 GHz
256 MB RAM
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