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This is a fantasy action RPG created by NTRUS and published by Kinema Citrus. It is set in a world that opened between the ancient time and the present day, called “the Lands Between”. In the world, a story is taking shape, but its main character, named “Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version”, has been trapped in an unconscious state since the time of one of the gods.

The story of the Lands Between has been told fragmentedly, only pieces of its overall picture have been revealed. The scattered fragments of the story are being pieced together by an intermediary called “Guild of Truth” which is in charge of matching the fragments. The user is able to choose the way that the story is to be read. The numbers of fragments acquired from the Guild and their relations is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

To pursue Elden Ring and unravel the truth of the Lands Between story, you have to use the alchemy for your weapons and armor and the magic of the lore.


Attack, Defense, and Magic can be developed with alchemy. Alchemy is different in each weapon class.

Each weapon can be assigned a stance in which it gains a defensive bonus, a strike bonus, an offensive bonus, and an exclusive bonus. In order to evolve the strikes, you have to have a stance that suits your play style.

Each weapon can be assigned a stance in which it gains a defensive bonus, a strike bonus, and an exclusive bonus. The stances are developed so that you can block attacks.

Each weapon can be assigned a stance in which it gains a defensive bonus and an exclusive bonus. You can evolve the exclusive bonus as one of the four skills that can be triggered from the stance.


In order to access the expert features, you must be able to obtain at least five in-game fragments.

Being a beginner in the game, please refer to the following guides.

* The “EXPERT GUIDE – Getting Started”

* The “EXPERT GUIDE – High Level”


Kinema Citrus is a developer and publisher of online games whose main focus is on games with high quality gameplay and original content.

For detailed information on Kinema Citrus, please visit http


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Eternal War. An endless war that has lasted for thousands of years, one war for all.
  • Romantic Story. Tarnished takes place at a certain time in the past. The kingdom of Eden X is long gone. The ancients have scattered into the four winds from a past that came to an end.
  • An Epic World. A vast world.
    You can freely explore the world of Tarnished by changing and customizing weapons, armor, and magic. And there are endless action scenes in this world.
  • Customize your Character. You can freely customize the appearance and special abilities of your character.

    • Increase or decrease stats by pressing spacebar.
    • Auto-move to the position of your mouse when you click a menu.
    • Auto-move to the target position when you perform a command.
    • Auto-apply to the status of your character when you perform a command.
    • Use a skill right on the click position of the skill icon.
    • Use an auxiliary skill right on the skill icon.
    • You can see your statistics on the status bar.


    • Save Slot(3): Your save data can be saved up to 3 times. The save data will overwrite your previous save data.
    • Save Slot(2): Your save data can be saved up to 2 times. The save data will overwrite your previous save data.
    • Save Slot(1): Your save data can be saved up to 1 time. The save data will overwrite your previous save data.
    • Save Slot(0): The save data cannot be saved.
    • Yes/No: DISABLED
    • Key


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      Elden Ring Free [32|64bit] [April-2022]

      Arc Encounter Platinum:
      Arc is a critical thinking card game designed to be played by groups of people of all ages and social backgrounds. It is a combination of strategy and luck, and requires logic to win. In addition, the rules are simple and easy to learn, and the game is suitable for those of all skill levels. With little or no prior knowledge of card games, anyone can enjoy the magic of the world of Arc.
      Arc Encounter Platinum is a reference version of Arc, with all the same functions as the original Arc experience, but with a revamped and enhanced player interface and a new tutorial!
      Arc Encounter Platinum is compatible with the original Arc and Arc Platinum modules as well.
      For the first time ever, you can connect your purchased Arc modules through iTunes and sync with your Arc Encounter Platinum.
      What’s new:
      • Updated interface
      • Changed the design to make it simple to use and learn
      • New tutorials
      • New players tutorial
      • Support for the whole range of Arc Platinum modules
      • Support for new players with the New Players Tutorial
      • Improved tutorial of the original Arc Platinum
      • Improved tutorial of Arc Encounter
      • Made changes to enable offline play
      • Reduced the number of volumes of the voice dialog
      • Began playing the versions of the game packaged with MC iOS
      • Fixed the problem of being unable to login to the game with the second volume of the voice dialog
      • Fixed the bug where the opening theme would not be played
      • Fixed the bug where the game would not work when the volume of voice dialog was set to zero
      • Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when using the original arc with ads
      • Fixed the bug that the game would not be installed
      • Fixed the bug that caused the game to be uninstalled
      • Fixed the bug that caused the game to stop when you turn out the light
      • Fixed the bug where the original Arc was not playable when you restored the game from the iCloud
      • Made changes that make the game compatible with iOS 9.0.2
      • Improved the problems that occur when you restore the game from iCloud
      • Made the game compatible with iOS 9.2
      • Changed the card displaying method
      • Changed the player inventory displaying method
      • Made changes to meet the demands of the UI of iOS 9.2
      • Fixed the bugs that caused troubles due to the UI of iOS 9.2
      *** We are currently developing iOS 10 for the iPhone series


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      In the second future of the Elden world, Tarnished hunted them, desperate to control them, and enslaved one to determine a crucial secret. However, it looks as if he missed. A town named “Valle Deis” on the outskirts of the Lands Between was leveled. The plans of the mysterious black shadow organization are still unknown. Then from the East comes a traveling shadow mage, and the heroes of the Elden Ring that was entrusted in the former’s memories were banded together to battle the shadow mage.

      Thus, it is up to you as the new Elden Lord to lead the heroes to righteousness and reform the Lands Between. And to meet the challenges on the way, you will be able to cultivate the power of the Elden Ring and become a legend in the Lands Between once again.

      • An Elden Ring Invested in the Lands Between
      Maintain the foresight for the prosperity of the Elden Ring.
      • Reunite the Elden Ring
      Unite all of the scattered heroes.
      • A New Experience of Fantasy Action RPG
      Unique online play with a lot of elements and limited time setting.
      • Unique Characters and a Hero Experience
      Varied character development that lets you determine the story of the Lands Between.

      • Adventure on a Huge Scale with Thousands of Enemies and Horrible Bosses
      Uncover exciting events and gameplay by connecting every element of the Lands Between together.

      ※ Wandering on the Plains: Not suited for fighting, but captured animals will appear.

      ※ Attacking enemy on Route: Guilds and NPC will appear on the route.

      ※ In the Forests: Heros will progress to consecutive chapters.
      ※ Fight in Underground Dungeons: Hanging rock, explosive pipe, etc. will appear.

      *The time required for the expansion is around 60 hours for one playthrough. We assume that players take 1-3 hours a day to enjoy the game. We’ll implement a timer on the title screen from where you can set the difficulty and elapsed play time of the game.

      An Elden Lord
      Complete first quest to show your potential to serve the Elden Ring.



      Free Download Elden Ring Product Key Full [Win/Mac]

      1) Download ELDEN RING pc game using torrent
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      Why should you know the truth

      When you were merely a bold spirit

      Enwrapped in a frail body

      Who relied only on a small sword


      In the darkness

      A first-time melody

      Folded up beyond recognition

      Rushed to light

      The wind brought me to life

      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      It has been 50 years since the War of Ruin ended and the Elden empire flourished. A dynamic age of unparalleled prosperity has been enjoyed by all the people.

      But the Elden empire has never yet experienced a downfall. That will change with the rise of a dark enemy whose objective is to claim the land and disrupt the peace.

      A band of fearless adventurers known as the “Burdens” has come forth to perform the first step in reclaiming Elden. Together, the Burdens and their allies will plunge into an epic adventure filled with thrilling battles.

      Join the Burdens to forge a new path in the game of life.

      This is the tale of a tale of a tale of a first-time melody…

      Kicking Sand

      “Kicking Sand” is a flashback from the adventure of the Burdens.

      The first-time melody of “Kicking Sand” offers you a nostalgic, familiar sensation while you’re on the adventure with the Burdens.

      Inspired by the story of “Kicking Sand” and the story of “Wonder of the Elden Ring” – the game “Wonder of the Elden Ring,” the game that was best created by the user of the 3ds “Wonder of the Elden Ring” and “Wonder of the Elden Ring 2” – is now completed with the aid of the Rastel to develop a new adventure in “Wonder of the Elden Ring” to meet the needs of the users.

      Because many users eagerly want the mobile game developed by the Rastel and play “Wonder of the Elden Ring” with the 3ds, we have created both the mobile game “Wonder of the Elden Ring”


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