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Elden Ring is an action RPG that brings you on an adventure in the Lands Between, where the past of the legendary land of Elden awaits.
Characters are created by combining common items and become an individual character. Armors and weapons acquired can be freely combined to form a character, allowing them to be fully customized.
Procedurally generated dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are freely explored. With a sense of adventure and fun, it is time to rise!

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Features Key:

  • Simple yet deep character development system.
  • An epic and diverse multilayered story that lets you become your own hero.
  • Supporting gameplay from the start, so new players can easily understand the basics without resorting to tutorials.
  • A fourth-person perspective that you feel as if you are controlling the action, turning even the smallest of things into a thrilling experience.
  • Heroes, weapons, magic, and companions that change role and appearance depending on the situations you find yourself in.
  • A vast world and the excitement of discovering who dwells within.
  • Optionally design your character with various aspects such as gender, age, and hair color, giving you a multitude of options, and then combine them to make yourself into a unique monster.
  • The game features a “light” combat system for beginners, which makes it easy to learn, but once you have mastered it, a “heavy” combat system opens up, which allows you to expand your horizons.
  • Your biggest tool is the armament of your hero, so the game is suitable for both beginners and experienced RPGers.
  • A diverse landscape environment to explore where you can find large cities and randomly generated dungeons.
  • Various enemies, spells, and so on can be obtained throughout the game.
  • Online capability providing endless fun.
  • Mission System allowing you to play a bigger role
  • Challenge many other players to harmoniously explore lands filled with excitement.
  • Chapter Select to create and enjoy your own history.
  • Six “branching” characters to represent the different players of the Lands Between.
  • A large variety of items, armors, weapons, and magic.
  • A story that leads you to believe that you are a protagonist by a voice that your character says in daily situations.
  • An extensive and exciting story that the player will learn as the game progresses.
  • “It’s really cool to be able to do a skill-based fighter that’s a little bit different and not run around in circles.”

    – The Herald

    “It has an exceptionally pretty combat system and great characters.”

    – Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    “The combat system, while simple, is extremely tactical and enjoyable to play.”

    – Android App Ratings

    “The interesting combat system is one of the strongest points of the game.”

    – The Huffington Post

    “It’s a fun fantasy RPG for those who want a combat focused experience that doesn’t sacrifice depth.”

    – Gamezebo

    “A fun combat system. If you enjoy action RPGs, give it a try.”

    – IGN

    “By using buttons to make your characters do stuff, creating combos, and switching between different weapons during a fight, Tarnished proves to be a pretty streamlined and accessible action RPG.”

    – Toucharcade


    A high quality fantasy action game that is simple and accessible.

    A game that focuses on combat.

    A game in which the main character has a distinctive fighting style.

    A game that has lots of content and different plot lines that can be followed.

    These words are not enough to convey the impression of Tarnished, but we hope that we at Losturve Games will be able to take your understanding as an objective evaluation. We will try our best so that you can enjoy Tarnished.

    Tarnished means to tarnish.

    It means to make something dull and dirty so that people cannot recognize the beauty of it.

    The German word for “dirty” is “rot”.

    It is a game with a yellow tone.

    A yellow tone isn’t a judgment against yellow, but is a representation of the fact that we want the game to shine brightly and have a clear and attractive color.

    Hello. We are Losturve Games and we have been working on this game for a long time. We are very proud to announce Tarnished for the very first time on Steam.

    We have been working on this game for almost two years, and we have many things to show you.

    If you’re looking for a game with an abundance of content and depth, this game might not be for you. We want to provide an experience that is simple to play


    Elden Ring With License Code [March-2022]

    * Fights through continuous play using a fight screen.
    * Unique game system which supports a deep game value with a variety of different types of content.
    * Fighting – battles where you fight using a fight screen. In the battle screen, each action is mapped to a button.
    * Arcane power – Adequately powerful powers are unlocked by awakening the power of Magic Stones.
    * Attribute control – Ability to choose the characteristics of the four skills.
    * Magic Stones – Magic Stones which are acquired through victory and defeat are used to awaken attributes.
    * Scroll – Collect Scrolls which are activated and cancelled to enact special events in the story.
    * Create your own character with a variety of customization options.
    * Add-ons:
    You can change the appearance of your character by adding accessories, and you can freely combine different weapons, armor, and magic. Develop your character as you wish.
    * The new Elden Ring in Ragnarok Online!
    * Features the world of the Lands Between and a deep game play system.
    * Unique online play with a limited number of players that allows you to feel the presence of others.
    Online Multiplayer feature:
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element. This enables you to easily feel the presence of others in the game and to feel like you are an active part of the event happening in other players’ worlds, even when you are not playing.


    You can customize the appearance of your character by choosing your character’s gender, weapons, and other accessories, and you can freely combine different weapons, armor, and magic.

    Play Style:

    There is room for all types of players to play the game. Whether you like to experience a story with the initial story, a game based on the experience of the survival of the fittest, or a game focused on the meeting of characters, the game is suitable for all types of players.

    Character Creation:

    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely create your own character with a variety of customization options.

    • Fighter and Thief Classes
    Fighter and Thief can join the party as your avatar. Fighter and Thief have special skills, and you can freely develop your own character while playing.

    • Weapon System
    Weapons are divided into two categories: offensive and special. Offensive weapons have low combat effectiveness, so it is effective to play with


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    5.1 A Fantasy World with 3D Realism and a Raging Action

    A world faithfully rendered with a strong sense of 3D realism featuring stunning graphics.
    You will enjoy exploring a fantasy world filled with encounters, combat and much more.

    5.2 An Epic Drama Full of Wisdom and Emotions

    A deeply connected world awash with the clash of emotions, and you can witness the series of cut-throat struggles of all the characters.
    The various thoughts of the characters will not be finished even after the end. There are many things to be explored.

    5.3 Players Are Cheered to Take Part in the Fight by Together Fighting Together

    You can join other players in a group and freely explore the world of Eorzea. While a group fights together, they will experience the thrill of the battle, the deeply rooted feelings of friends, and the joy of victory.

    5.3.1 Battle Formation and Tactics to Master the Charm of the Match

    The formation of a battle party is a revelation to players. You can freely change any of the battle formations. In the game, there are action maps, which you can freely use for battle formation, and you can enjoy a fascinating feeling when playing.

    The action will be even more intriguing when it is promoted to MSA PRO.

    5.4 Extensive Valuables and More

    A different Eorzea of a great many treasures filled with powerful items. The legendary equipment will amaze you. From the moment you pick up an item, you can enjoy a different world.

    5.5 An Action Game Filled with Fulfillment

    With its action elements, the game offers an exciting duel where you complete the ultimate goal and fight to the end. It is an action game where you can offer justice to those who resist you. It is an action game that is able to instantly awaken you, and an exciting


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