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NameElden Ring
Rating4.30 / 5 ( 3377 votes )
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by DeNA. It was released worldwide on mobile phones on March 23, 2018 in Japan, and on June 25, 2018 in the Americas.

This game is 100% free to play and is supported with item purchases.


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Single Player : A single-player RPG where your actions determine the game flow.
  • Real-Time Battles : Battles against real human opponents in real-time.
  • PvP Battle System : Battle against and fight along with other players in a randomly generated dungeon.
  • Prologue : Journey to the first story layer of Lands Between.
  • Battle System : Battle in real time against up to ten opponents.
  • Online Play : Online Play facilitates player interaction, enabling you to play together with others, and support a multiplayer system.
  • Episodic Story : The main story is divided into three sessions and progress is automatically saved between sessions.
  • Adventurously Driven Discovery : Summon unique, powerful monsters and encounter rare items including finesse materia that randomly appear.
  • Diverse, Technical User Interface : The screen is beautifully displayed, and the interface is intuitive.
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    Been playing the game for two months, and it has been fun, but the starting stages are really hard,


    Every single time I try to clear the game, I get stuck somewhere around level 17, it’s very hard. I love the art style of the game,


    Can’t believe it’s a 712mb game, when I picked it up it was far less than that, I have a very fast internet connection, maybe it’s because I’m on a slow laptop,

    Deleted this

    After playing the game for about an hour, I decided to give it another shot, but still find it a bit much for my taste, this game might be fun if it was a lot easier.


    But on the bright side, there were no bugs that I had to mention,


    The story is good, not as good as my expectations,

    Game play

    There are many options to play the game, it has a lot of depth to it,

    9,8 Overall:

    This game still needs a good bit of work, but after playing for two months, its pretty entertaining,

    [G4X] Review

    The new fantasy action RPG released today for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Tarnished is a highly stylized tribute to games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III. You start out as a young adventurer who is about to set out on a quest to save an Elden King. You will encounter many different situations, meet a variety of interesting characters, and encounter a variety of enemies as you travel across the Lands Between. The game is set in a unique world with over 200 interactive areas, a strong story, and some of the most beautiful artwork I have seen for a mobile RPG.


    Beautiful graphics

    Interesting story

    Variety of game play


    Frequently buggy

    At first I was a little surprised at the graphics of the game. The world of Tarnished is a vast, multi-layered, animated map. The area map contains the various settlements and environments that the character explores throughout the game. The character is rendered in an over the shoulder perspective, and character movement is fairly fluid. The character can run very quickly, and jump, even perform certain attacks. The combat


    Elden Ring Free PC/Windows


    ■ Features

    【Game Revolution Compatible】RPG like never before with new elements, full-screen mode, and touch controls

    【New Battles】Battle system using over 50 elements and changeable party composition!

    【Online Action】Cyberpunk system that allows up to six players to engage in asynchronous online battles!

    【Easy Multiplayer】Multiplayer battles in the lobby are simple, you can be matched with people from around the world in a matter of seconds.

    【Easy to Use】The new touch controls allow for intuitive, easy play even on small screens.

    【Vivid Visuals】The graphics bring the rich, bold colors of the Blood Moon into the Dungeons of Elden Ring, and your allies will be colorful and lively in real-time!

    【Systems of the Elden Ring】Follow the story of a Tarnished hero character in the Lands Between.

    【Maximum customization】Equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic and fully customize your character with a variety of skills.

    【Elevating System】Character is elevated from level 1 to 30 and you can choose the character’s special ability.

    【Climb the Dungeon】Climb over and through the dungeons of Elden Ring. Clear the land of monsters through new tactics and strategies.

    【Special Mission】If you encounter an elder or a legendary beast, you can take on a Special Mission.

    ・Play The Game
    In accordance with the times, you need to walk forward to the next chapter of the story in the Lands Between.

    【Story】Story of the Lands Between
    The mountains and seas have risen, and a new world is coming to life. The edge of this new world was dangerous, but we were there to watch it.

    ·The Tarnished heroes of the past, Natas the Wizard, the sorcerer and weaponsmith Viktor, the Knight of a Nobleman, and the merchant’s daughter, Ireena are back together again.

    ·In the new world, the antagonists are rising while the Tarnished heroes are searching for their purpose.

    ·By contributing to the growth of the world, we hope to break the chains of the past and see a brighter future!

    Create new companions that can change your equipment and even your class.

    Learn, change, and get ready to truly become an Eld


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Funcom Unveils RPGs on Mobile - Page 9

    Written by Steve J and Greg G
    29 April 2014 17:43:07 PDT Arts:The Sims 4 was always meant to run on smartphones/tablets2019-02-08T21:58:50Z2019-02-08T21:58:50Z

    Like many of the series’ most recent Sims titles, The Sims 4 was always meant to be a PC – and now a console – thing. According to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, the games design would be better suited for consoles, but its roots lay in PC first. Chris Filos, senior vice president of EA Simulations, tweeted: