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NameElden Ring
Rating4.81 / 5 ( 3005 votes )
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The brand-new fantasy action RPG that offers the fate of the lost world, the Elden Ring Cracked Version.

The fantasy action RPG Elden Ring is a game developed by the developers of the mega-popular RPG series FINAL FANTASY.

Players can create their own character and take part in an epic adventure to rescue the Elden, the world where life flows in a world filled with excitement.

The game features multiplayer for players to directly converse and fight with each other, as well as an asynchronous online element, allowing players to take on missions together with strangers.

There will be various quests and battles, from the easy missions, which feature in-depth quests and simple stages, to the difficult but rewarding long quests that will challenge players’ strength.

There will be a variety of battle and mission quests to perform, from the stealth missions to the straightforward battles.

Players will be able to directly connect with other players through the game and change the game setting according to each player’s own preferences.

A massive map featuring various places where you can freely wander. The map is large in size and the locations are diverse, including towns and dungeons.

There will be a variety of enemies that can vary from ferocious beasts to formidable bosses.

Weapon and armor shops will be available to purchase new gear and items, and the player can customize their equipment and develop their character by attaching weapons, armor, and magic items.

The graphics are beautifully rendered, which combines a 3D shape with 2D icons in various locations to give the game a visually unique feel.

In addition, various in-game elements such as a map, schedule, and city guide have been added to give you a handy guide while exploring the game world.

Please play and let us know what you think of it!

How to Install

Unrar the client.

Extract the archive to your Game install folder.

Start the game.

Next, start the game again and go back to title menu.

Enable the payment method (Steam, Visa, mastercard etc.) and purchase the game.

The End.

To install /view the steam workshop files;

1. open the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring Game Client\ui\ui-interface.exe” in CMD.

2. run the below command to read


Features Key:

  • A diverse fantasy action RPG created by Darkworks, the creators of the Elden Ring
  • A new fantasy action RPG dungeon exploring the Lands Between!
    (The more time you spend in-game, the more points you save to spend in the Item Mall. Save up and acquire any Dungeons, items, or mounts you need before you even go!)
  • Combat System Rich in Consequences
    Each action has an effect on your character’s stats. Every success or failure affects your points.
  • When you die you retain all of your items and equipment
  • Various Equipment, Armor, and special items can be created from Elden Rings
  • Play as fellow adventurers online to engage in Team PvP or Solo PvP
  • In “Rally” mode you can switch Visions to play a different story and travel to a different realm with your party
  • In the Main Menu you can synchronize up to two “Roams” to enjoy quick-match's
  • Surveys of Elden Ring Key:

    (From Dengeki:
    “Darkness flows deep in this sword forged by magic and performed by the force of blood-thirsty gods.”
    “As you use it, monsters will be hunted
    From one of the witches of the Drakengard, the ‘hands that bite down upon in their sleep’ known as
    “Each Nightshade crushed is a success, each Nightshade is crushed is motivation to the harrowing fight.”

    (From Dengeki:
    “In the Blue forests of the Lands Between where the trees of life and death intertwine, a quest arises.
    No matter how far you go, you must face the trials of nature.
    “An elegant breeze of blue resounds as it breezes through the sky, and you keep your feet on the ground.”

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    Elden Ring [Latest-2022]

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    Elden Ring Crack + Full Product Key 2022 [New]

    Elden Ring game operation history:

    1. September 5th, 2014(Establishment)

    2. September 6th, 2014(Release for beta)

    3. September 25th, 2014(Release)

    4. October 10th, 2014(Release for beta)

    5. October 30th, 2014(Release)

    6. November 15th, 2014(Release for beta)

    7. December 1st, 2014(Release)

    8. December 15th, 2014(Release for beta)

    9. January 9th, 2015(Release)

    10. January 15th, 2015(Release for beta)

    11. January 22nd, 2015(Release)

    12. February 1st, 2015(Release for beta)

    13. February 6th, 2015(Release)

    14. February 13th, 2015(Release for beta)

    15. February 18th, 2015(Release)

    16. March 1st, 2015(Release for beta)

    17. March 6th, 2015(Release)

    18. March 16th, 2015(Release for beta)

    19. March 26th, 2015(Release)

    20. April 2nd, 2015(Release for beta)

    21. April 17th, 2015(Release)

    22. April 30th, 2015(Release for beta)

    23. May 7th, 2015(Release)

    24. May 20th, 2015(Release for beta)

    25. May 28th, 2015(Release)

    26. June 4th, 2015(Release for beta)

    27. June 11th, 2015(Release)

    28. June 25th, 2015(Release for beta)

    29. July 2nd, 2015(Release)

    30. July 17th, 2015(Release for beta)

    31. July 31st, 2015(Release)

    32. August 14th, 2015(Release for beta)

    33. September 4th, 2015(Release)

    34. September 11th, 2015(Release for beta)

    35. September 24th, 2015(Release)

    36. October 9th, 2015(Release for beta)

    37. October 16th, 2015(Release)

    38. October 23rd, 2015(Release for beta)

    39. October 30th


    What’s new:


    Company Profile:   New-Arcade Games Inc.

    Pre-order Sale dates:   
    7/25(Wed.) –  PlayStation®4 
    7/27 (Thu.) –  PlayStation®3 

    PS4 (PlayStation®4)
    PS3 (PlayStation®3)
    Windows (PC)



    System Requirements:     
    PS4:         9.1GB                   &


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    A large world full of exciting activities. Four races with three genders each, a variety of quests, many gameplay elements, and two distinct stories.

    ◆Siege battle system and world presentation
    Craft and gather


    How To Crack:

  • First of all, download and install the game.

    The game was installed, the game we will keep the installation folder, please do NOT move
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    If you enter the trial version on the full version, the game will be normal.


    Weekly Sales


    • PC: M: $70; V: $104.93
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    • PC: M: $112; V: $211.24
    • PS4: M: $118; V: $225.37


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported OS:
    – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
    – Macintosh computers with Mac OS X 10.9 or later
    Additional Requirements:
    – A copy of the free LaTeX LaTeX 2.09 Prerelease available from
    Further information and documentation:
    An installer for the software and instructions for how to compile the
    kernel are available from the above-


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