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Features Key:

  • Creative Mode, designed to allow you to freely create your character as you like and the world as you want.
  • Time-limited Difficulty Changes – The unique Time-limited Difficulty system will allow you to get used to the challenges you might have difficulty overcoming. As time passes, the number of easy monsters will increase to provide you with a chance to fight them easily.
  • Dynamic Upgrades – With the normal upgrade process, you will slowly progress from the overused to the unusable. The upgrades will help you eliminate the blunders you have made. You also must have the right items at the right times to unlock the ranks of the upgrades.
  • New worlds – In addition to existing worlds, we will release new worlds every month. This, along with the game’s new difficulty levels, will keep players hooked for long.
  • Challenge Dungeon – Battle against monsters or clear hard-to-find content to obtain Experience and Battle Points. You will not only be able to evaluate your level of skills compared to others but will also be able to check your progress on the leaderboards.
  • Turn-based Combat – Enjoy a simple, fast combat system with intuitive control and easy strategy. As you fight, skill and strategy will be displayed clearly for each attack and defense, and the results will appear on the screen. You will also be able to learn the basic stats of their attacks and defense.
  • Cooperative Features – With the support of online play, you can enjoy an extended gameplay experience with a party of up to four other players.
  • 2 Mode: Install the game to your PC, or connect with the online server and play as you like. You are free to be violent or gentle as you like. We will continuously improve the gameplay.

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    Elden Ring Activator [Mac/Win]


    We are a game that you can play on your own, you can play on the Internet with other people, or get on a couch and play in a local area network (LAN). We are a game that is different from the free-to-play genre, and we want to make it something that is enjoyable for everyone.

    1) Player Objective

    The game is a dungeon RPG, you go into dungeons and explore dungeons and earn items. The adventure will be cut short depending on the player’s advancement, through something that you will experience as an adventure becomes relatively short. For this reason, we have not included the “battle” part of the game, in the sense that we are preparing an RPG where the game can be played in a variety of ways depending on the level of play ability that you have.

    1) Player Control

    There are different types of controls, based on the type of device you are using. If you are playing on mobile phones or desktops, you can play the game normally on your devices. If you want to experience the game more, you can play the game on the browser, using a computer’s mouse and keyboard.

    2) Class System

    Character Creation

    You can create your own character, enjoy the process of class development. When you change the class of the main character, the class of the side characters will change with it.

    Main Character Creation

    Rely on your ability to create a character that is appropriate to your style. The main character will have a wide variety of skills to choose from, and we will make it so that the “Class” concept is a very important element.

    Class Development System

    There will be a level of class development in the game. The player’s class of choice will have a variety of moves, and you can advance your class by progressing in the game.

    Side Character Creation

    For the fun of having a variety of characters, you can create characters for each class. When you create a side character, you can change the appearance of each class.

    Using your menu, you can switch between classes, and you can switch between the main character and the side characters.


    Gathering experience while playing the game. In order to improve the classes, you need to gather experience. Gathering experience will not mean that you need to advance to


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    New Title and First Release: Rust From Tokyo
    RTM From Tokyo is an action RPG with roguelike elements designed for PlayStation Vita. In the game, you must survive in a world of monsters by battling the inevitable setbacks that arise on your journey.
    Release: February 14th 2016
    Platform: PlayStation Vita
    Developer: 5pb.
    Price: $29.99 / £24.99
    ESRB Rating: E10 (Everyone)
    Developer: 5pb.
    Publisher: Way…]]>Sat, 02 Feb 2016 07:46:08 -0600PS.TDS.0361216UNNHealthier Eggs Offspring 059
    Since the last good news was released, one of the developers has started a new project and coming soon, The new title, I mean the new product by their own studio. The first game will be part of one of the biggest collection of games by the developer “2300Games”, known for being their middleware company. And the new game is part of this huge collection of games. From the name of the title I can’t infer any information because this will be an unpublished game by the developer but if you want to know the title, you can find it on the developer website or on their twitter.
    Brief Overview of the game:
    As I said this game will be released the month of February and from what I…
    Healthier Eggs Offspring. 059 will be released as a demo on the 31st of January and will be a PSN release.
    ]]>Fri, 24 Jan 2016 10:06:34 -0600PS.TDS.0371216UNNR-1 S Project 026
    R1-S is the second title from NtLegend. Like the first R1-S in the collection of games for PS3/PS4 called R1.-S Project by NTLead and 2320Games. The story of the game is a continuation of R1-S and it has been released since October 22nd, 2015. Although this project has not had the same development time as R1-S, the game shows no shortage of quality, and the game is still staying strong two years after its release.
    No words can express how much we love this project


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    1. Install the game on your computer
    2. After that unpack the game to the c:/
    3. run the game
    4. Wait for the game to fully load up
    5. after the game is open press “elden ring”
    6. You will see the panel for the game and click “enter game”
    7. Done! This should be all you should need to install and play the game. If you have any questions or problems feel free to ask!

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    4 This court applies the precedential value of Horowitz (supra, 32 Cal.4th 1057, 12
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    is inconsistent


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Step 1: Download ‘’Elden Ring: Hidden in the Fantasy – complete version of Latest Version of Safenet or torrent file
  • Step 2: Run.exe crack and install it
  • Step 3: Follow instructions on screen
  • Main Feature :

    • Step 1: Unlock all the blue keycaplets the default key, Keyshortcuts are added, keys that can never be mistaken for normal keys
    • Step 2: Auto and automatic pre-sets adding a lot of adventures.
    • Step 3: Walk over worlds, dungeons, Oblivion, it’s forced move on to the next page. The others also relate to the first world to learn more about.
    • Step 4: With a promotion image on the right to key customization
    • Step 5: Select number of puzzles to connect to other players, tribes, guides, etc.
    • Step 6: Get a resume button
    • Step 7: Tired to iron out or unsorted and such a delay
    • Step 8: Lots of dialogues and information, well-made
    • Step 9: Perform to buy gifts and obtain a challenge coins or a standard hair (innovative system of hair dye coin)

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    var a = document.getElementsByTagName(‘ul’);
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    System Requirements:

    For MacOS: MacOS 10.12.1 or higher
    For Windows: Windows 7 or higher
    For Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 or higher
    If you have any of these systems, you can download the game here.
    Required Packages:
    stb_image – Texture Packer Library. In the BIN directory there is a small package called, which contains the library stb_image.lib. You can download it here.
    Other libraries:
    zlib – A very lightweight zlib


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