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In 2005, David Baszucki released his first game to his fans, named Cubezer. A “MinerGame”, this game was a basic exploration game where players were in control of a cube that could move left and right and rotate in place. David released the game via an online source code repository for educational use and to motivate others to learn to program. Roblox also released the Source 2.0 programming language, which allowed David to create his own games that other people could play. His next game, Pizzeria Simulator, was released just as he completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Michigan.
After college, David and Erik Cassel joined Ian Bogost’s studio to create an online simulation game for the college class that they were taking. With $15,000 from their student loans, David and Erik built Bricks of the World, a block sandbox game where players could create anything within the Game Maker 4 environment. The project was presented to the class and received positive feedback.
David was working as an entrepreneur at various companies and was thinking about the lack of social simulation games for young people. He attempted to buy Roblox in 2007, but the sale was unsuccessful. Finally in 2010, he was able to buy the website from the Roblox Corporation. Two weeks later, he bought Erik’s existing game, SpinArt, and merged both of their games into one, with the title Roblox.
Roblox began in Roblox Studio, an online website for the making and selling of games. David wanted to make Roblox Studio a platform for people to make games to make money, but he needed money to build the software and developer tools to do this. Roblox Corporation grew from 9 to 107 people in 2010, from $11 million in revenue to $80 million in 2011, and from 200 to 880 employees in 2012.
In 2012, Roblox Studio was closed. The Roblox team merged Roblox Studio, Roblox Interactive, and Turbopuck in 2013. The Roblox website was rebranded in 2017 to get rid of the Roblox Studio branding, the Roblox website is run by Roblox Interactive LLC as of 2019.
In April of 2014, Roblox opened the first of many channels, Game Studio, the channel allows users


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Roblox is a social platform that is available on computers, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Tablets.
The game gives the user a great enjoyment as it can be played even while working.
When you visit the website you need to log in using your Google account and complete the initial tutorial.


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Check out the official Roblox subreddit:

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Well, you need to buy things in the real world to get robux. You can use it on almost anything like new characters, missions, and more!

There are tons of different things you can get with Robux. You can also upgrade and customize different things to get more robux. It’s usually done by using a Robux shop.


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There are tons of other things you can get with Robux.

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Missions: Missions let you know what you need to do to get new stuff.

Exp: Shows how much robux you’ve earned.

VIP Points: Lets you see what your VIP rank is and when you’re going to level up.

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PROFILE PAGE: As you play games and do a job, a tab will show your achievements, stats, and your achievements on your profile

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SERVER: You can check the game server with your characters, pick them up, throw them,


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