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Teach2000 8.30 Free Download For PC

Explore the world of languages and find out who’s the best student in your class!
From music to languages, sport to math and history, Teach 2000 allows you to memorize any topic from any subject!
Practice with just about any subject matter right in the palm of your hand.
See how well you know everything by competing with your friends or exploring a vast pool of vocabulary!
Everyone can enjoy learning things with Teach 2000!
– Share your knowledge
– High quality app design – not just words!
– Day, night and rainbow themes
– Customize your set of vocabulary lessons
– Record your results and let the world see you’re the world’s best.
– Flashcard Quiz mode
– 5,000+ Free lessons
– Multiple subjects & questions types
– Sharing lessons with friends (via QR code)
– Competition with friends/compete with the world
– Daily achievements
– Customize collection of vocabulary
– Answers can be added to questions
– Find out if you’re about to be named the best student in your class!

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Teach2000 8.30 Crack +

• Create custom sets of quizzes for your students!

• Enroll students in classes or subjects of your choice.

• See answers and comments provided by students as you move along.

• Get real time results!

• Use multiple choice question sets, which may be saved as ‘sets’.

• Just one ‘set’ is recommended for each student, however you may create as many as you want.

• Students are notified of results via email.

• Complete your sets in any order you prefer.

• Questions may be grouped into any number of “sets”.

• See the latest results at a glance

• Easily create the perfect language learning environment for your students.

UPDATE: Teach2000 will no longer be updated or supported. Kindly find an alternative please.

Teach2000 Screenshots:

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Teach2000 was added by M. in
Dec 19, 2013 and is available for download from our website. The latest version of Teach2000 is 1.1 and it was updated on Dec 19, 2013.
Currently the program is supported on Windows.

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Ho to change the question on a screen and the answer in the text file! Great program that I had no idea about.

Randy D

Well, this really was an excellent program to help learn French. I really liked the question lists that let me remove the questions I did not want to use. What I like best was how it recorded my name when I created the list.

Frank Z.

Tried to use it with the trial version of my dongle, but it crashed on me.


Good for self-learning in conjugations I guess. However, I suggest that you listen to how it sounds in the language you’re trying to learn so that you will become accustomed to the style of pronunciation before practicing the conjugations over and over again. By the way, it’s so easy to do with teaching 2000 ™ because it allows you to input your own pronunciation for the spoken phrases.


the U is Not equal to

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Teach2000 is designed to help you study for tests.
You can take any type of test, including the ones used by your school.
To be able to use Teach2000, you need to use Microsoft Office and the Internet.

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What’s New in the?

Once created, the tests can be saved and then loaded at any time to the main program.
The program can be integrated into your digital platform or it can be opened using a web browser. There are two versions of the app, one for Android and another for iOS. In addition to support for English, you may select any other language to start the test or take a quiz created using the program.
You can select the number of answers and questions by creating a new test from the main menu. When starting a test, you will be given options that allow you to manage the game and how it is displayed. Also, there are options available for creating or modifying the tests, as well as different types of tests and quizzes.
Similar to the Windows XP machine, the program will begin by scanning to see if it has been installed. If you have a device with Google Play or App Store, the app will be available in your app market. If the app is available, it will be installed automatically after the installation. If there are no updates available, the program will take you to the App Store or Google Play. If you wish to update the apps, click on the Help button and go to the Updates tab. To remove the app, click on the Uninstall button. You can also return to the main app.

I’ve been really looking forward to downloading Teach2000 as it has appeared on a few social media outlets over the years. The program has also been making some headlines recently, which is definitely a good thing. In this review, I wanted to share what you can expect when you download the app or use the service to learn a foreign language, as well as some things you may find useful or interesting. I should be able to use the app to learn Chinese or Spanish, as well as other languages I’ve been studying for some time.

App Usage Instruction
You may download Teach2000 for free, however, you are limited to five tests and three quiz categories per day.

However, if you have a Google Play or App Store account, you may download the app for free.

After you have installed the app and have opened it on your device, you will see the New screen. Click on the New button to begin creating a test.

You will be asked whether you wish to create a new test or open one that has already been created. If you want to create a new test, enter the title and description, choose the type of test and then

System Requirements For Teach2000:

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
800Mhz processor or higher
128Mb RAM or higher
VGA screen
Ports for the CD-ROM, Keyboard, Mouse and Sound
CD-Rom drive (and accompanying CD-ROM)
Internet access
Music Management software, including a full suite of Digital Audio Labs (DA Labs)
Over 40,000 Custom Songs
Top-40, Adult Contemporary and Pop charts