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Now every internet user with a medium-speed connection (for example DSL) can provide an internet radio station which broadcasts automatically or on the base of a playlist. The Listeners must start a StreamConverter but then the format is compatible to every other webradio. The StreamConverter can also receive instant messages from the webmaster.
The webmaster needs a webspace with FTP-Upload. Before he can edit the content-base or the playlist, the FTP access has to be configured. The content elements have to be uploaded before the playlist or the autoplaylist can be edited. The radio consumers must load the StreamConverter from the homepage of the station, start the program and open webradio.m3u. Give Your own Webradio a try to see what it’s really capable of!









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The webmaster of want to invite you to his Webradio. All he needs is a webspace with FTP-Upload. He can then create a playlist (ideally with autoplaylist) and upload the files. The streamconverter is started automatically, it converts the webradio.m3u on your server to MP3, -OGG or OPL format. You can start the radio manually, or choose the preset (minimalist, or everything which you like) from the buttons. Your streamconverter gives you the possibility to change the playlist, add songs or change the autoplaylist.
The MP3-Stream is playing an artist, you can change the artist by clicking the title of the song. A radio is being played, the song must be selected by clicking on the title of the song. You can look at the artist, title and song of the new player, but you can’t edit the song or the playlist, the streamconverter does this automatically.
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Listen to the stream of!
For more informations about the features of the streamconverter, follow the buttons!
What can you do on
You can edit the song/artist name, title, description and the playcount of the current song, and you can create a playlist with autoplaylist. Besides this, you can play the stream with fast forward and rewind and find out what kind of songs are being played.
How to?
The webmaster of must provide you with a webspace with FTP-Upload. He can’t provide a webspace, because he’s afraid of the possible security problems. You can get an FTP-account with FileZilla or similar programs (another ) when the webspace is established.
Create a Listening-Station:
With the FTP-Upload, the webmaster uploads the playlist to the folder /var/www/radio. The playlist can be about any type of music.
I want a webradio, how can I get it?
Just go to your browser and type in: How can you run a stream?
You have to install Stream

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Each Setup will have a base which contains the files of the network:
• The StreamConverter
• The Music-Files (m3u and plain onion)
• The playlist
• The music-folder
• The playlist-folder
• The regeister.html
• The index.html
• The forte-folder
You can choose between the Server and the Client.
The client has the following advantages over the server:
• Automatic playlist & program-selection
• Stream-File

The StreamConverter needs the following files for the function:
• The playlist-file for each webradio
• The music-files of the StreamConverter
• The mp3-files
• The m3u-files
• If you configure the StreamConverter with a playlist file the music-files and the mp3-files can be configured for every StreamConverter.
Server or Client:
• Server
– Each streamConverter has to find the configuration file.
– The config file has to be uploaded to the webspace with FTP.
– The StreamConverter has to open the configuration file.
– The StreamConverter has to start without a configuration file.
– The StreamConverter has to shut down if the configuration file is missing.
– Each StreamConverter has to be able to find its configuration file.
– If you configure for every StreamConverter a static configuration file you can use the client.
• Client
– You can edit the files directly.
– You can upload files of your own to the webspace.
– You can edit the directories directly.
– You can choose between the server and the client.

The configuration file is a HTML-file, that’s why the client must have the option to open a HTML-file directly.

The next thing is the playlist and the music-folder.
The playlist-folder contains the final.m3u, playlist.m3u (an extension for the playlist) and playlist.txt.
The m3u-file is an extended playlist which contains all folders and files from the server to the client.
The playlist-file has to be uploaded in the webspace with FTP.

The format of the playlist file can be changed easily because it’s just HTML.

The music folder has the name [channel name&#

Your Own Webradio Crack With License Key Free

This is another part of the bundle (webradio with superchannel)
When you set up this webradio you will receive a username and a password (default: bloko).
You will receive the following informations
• Your Name
• Your Location
• Your Homepage
• Your Email
• Your StreamConverter
If you are registererd with StreamConverter you will receive a ticket number
You will receive a roadmap (for configuring your StreamConverter, what you can do and where you can download files)
• You can record the StreamConverter process and later listen back (for free)
• You can edit the webradio files from your StreamConverter (for free)
• You can record a display screen from the StreamConverter (for free)
• You can connect to other StreamConverters and see their lineup (for free)
• You can record live playlists from any other StreamConverter (for free)
• When you log in, you can invite a visitor (use the token) (for free)


A Cabriolet made in England, a Cobra made in India, a Golf made in Germany, A MINI made in Germany, an E-Tense made in Japan and a Lambretta made in Italy is a unicorn, almost impossible to find.


HI – We are a national joint network with the project name of ATR (ATentive TRansmission). The network is aspired for a network coverage of the national level in the Netherlands and other countries of the world.

We have created many projects such as ATR-1, ATR-2, ATR-3, ATR-4, ATR-6, ATR-7, ATR-8, ATR-9, ATR-10, ATR-11, ATR-12, ATR-13, ATR-14, ATR-15, ATR-16, ATR-17, ATR-18, ATR-19, ATR-20, ATR-21, ATR-22, ATR-23, ATR-24, ATR-25, ATR-26, ATR

What’s New in the Your Own Webradio?

This is a basic setup of a webradio.

I’m a college student at Oberlin College working on my masters degree in information technology. The degree is in information systems, but we work on the principles of project management, business administration, and programming.

This is my personal project. I have been making music since I was 10 and have been playing guitar for 5 years. Now I am looking to go back to making music and start offering it to the world.

I have no idea what the best style is for a webradio. I was thinking I would add some sort of folder with a selection of different styles of music and users could pick from it. I am also looking for some direction on what sort of layout to use.

The Listeners can save their favorite songs, artists, and albums in the system and they can share their favorites with their friends. Only the streamconverter-team can create streams from the web site.

You need to know your graphic design skills. You are an artist (no design = no webradio). You use a graphic editor (Inkscape, Irfanview), that can do vector and bitmap-design (start with Inkscape, then to Irfanview).

You can design a playlist with a menu of music genres and artists. Inkscape will have enough for you to do so.

If you want to get a free domain name, you can leave a note in the contact page (right above the server). I can’t give you a free domain, as this would be a conflict of interest for my domain-company.

If you want to try something more active than streaming, you can add a Log-in, as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to work together, I will support you more. And I can give you tasks, if you need some.

I always like to make my music ready as soon as possible. With the new services the music tracks I don’t want to make them available on the web for much longer. But with an automated procedure and my own download and sharing code it is possible to generate a playlist in a second or at least to generate a first version in a matter of minutes.

So, my music contains some MP3 files and they are the same for all categories.
After a while I will concentrate on the conversion with more advanced tools

System Requirements For Your Own Webradio:

Windows® 7
1.4 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM and 300 MB free space
Graphics card compatible with DirectX®9
Sound card compatible with DirectX®9
Note: Online play requires broadband Internet access and a constant Internet connection. Please be advised that this is a digital product and does not require a disc.
1 GB hard drive space
Graphics card compatible with OpenGL®3
HDMI cable
Note: Online

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